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Air conditioners get a work-out during our Indiana summers; and, as the largest Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in the state, Williams Comfort Air knows that Carrier air conditioners are the most energy-efficient A/Cs available. Carrier, an Indiana company, is always ahead of the curve in heating and cooling technology like with Puron™ refrigerant. We can recommend a Carrier A/C to fit your budget and your home; plus, you can see it, feel it, hear it and experience it first-hand in our operational showroom. We have three complete Carrier heating and cooling systems available for your comparison.

Choosing Your Air Conditioning System
This is a huge investment and not nearly as much fun as picking out a new car! But, unlike a car, this investment will pay for itself over time through energy savings. How much time depends on the type of system you choose.

The Carrier Answer to Cooling
Infinity™ Series is the industry’s revolutionary “luxury”. This system allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation and even detects when your air filter needs replaced. Plus, it automatically adjusts to your system’s needs for maximum efficiency and performance. Of course, it is also a GREEN choice. Tell me more!

Performance™ Series is well ahead of the competition. Second only to the Infinity™ Series, it is efficient and dependable and will produce great comfort and energy savings. Once again, it is a GREEN choice. Tell me more!

Comfort™ Series is the industry “sedan”. It’s an efficient system that fits into tighter budgets and still provides energy savings. You’ll still be comfortable when the properly sized system is installed. And yes, it is a GREEN choice. Tell me more!

Basic Series is the industry “sub-compact” also known as the “Builder’s Model”. It’s an efficient system that fits into tight budgets and provides very minimal energy savings.

The “How To’s” of Choosing

Efficiency – Higher efficiency systems require less energy, providing more savings. They also provide steady, dependable performance year after year when properly maintained. High-efficiency systems are quiet, long-lasting and have minimal service needs.

Size – Too small equals too hot and uncomfortable. Too big equals wasted money. An oversized system turns on and off more than necessary, wasting energy and possibly putting undue strain on the compressor.

Stages – Available with either single or variable speed motors, Carrier furnaces make a huge impact on the overall efficiency of your system. That’s because the more efficient your furnace is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable.

Who – You’re most important decision is WHO you choose to install your new air conditioning system. Williams Comfort Air knows how to properly select the right system for your needs. Want to know how?

We’re also a WaterFurnace GEOPro dealer!

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