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Why Maintain Your Heating and Cooling System?

It’s about prevention! Save with our
CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement.

Would you drive your car over 100,000 miles without an oil change or tune-up? Of course you wouldn’t! After all, cars are a huge investment that you depend on daily. Well, so is your home’s air conditioner and furnace. Did you know that operating your cooling and heating system during an average year is equivalent to putting 110,000 miles on your car! That’s right… about 10 years worth of travel. While this approach may work for awhile, most people end up losing a lot for this lack of planned maintenance… higher energy bills, higher repair bills, voided warranties, reduced comfort and air quality, unplanned service interruptions and shortened equipment life.

It’s about prevention! Save with our CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement.

Here’s a tangible, cash-in-your-pocket example of
how our CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement saves you money.

Let’s say that you have an older air conditioning system that hasn’t been routinely maintained. Now, it has a refrigerant leak. You’re not quite ready to replace the unit so you choose to repair it. Well, if you have a CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement, you will receive a 20% discount on the repair. That’s money that stays in your pocket. PLUS, we also warranty our parts and labor for 24 months! Oh yeah! You will earn CAIRfree Dollars that you can use toward a new system when you are ready!

Don’t forget though… your unit probably wouldn’t have required a repair if you had the two annual tune-ups that are included with a CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement.

You may be thinking…

I own a good piece of equipment, why do I need a CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement?
Good question. Your cooling and heating system may be extremely reliable and efficient NOW. A CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement can help make sure it stays that way. Professionally cleaning and maintaining your cooling system will help increase its longevity and maintain its factory-specified efficiency.


What maintenance does a Williams Comfort Air professional technician do that’s worth the cost of a CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement?
Cleaning and checking your equipment on a regular basis is similar to the kind of maintenance your car needs to run properly. When you properly maintain your air conditioner or heat pump equipment:

  • You’ll help prevent the need for expensive repairs.
  • Your equipment’s lifetime will be extended.
  • You may enjoy significant reductions in monthly utility bills.

What does CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement cost?

Just pennies a day and you get…

  • Two annual maintenance visits: one heating and one cooling
  • 15% Discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • 5% Discount on heating and cooling equipment
  • 5% Discount on air quality accessories (air cleaners, humidifiers, duct cleaning and more)
  • Automatically warranties all parts and labor for 24 months (with repairs)

Remember… It’s about prevention!

I’m ready to save… Sign me up now!

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