Indianapolis Geothermal Heating and Cooling

We’re introducing innovation that is rocking the geothermal world… Here at Williams Comfort Air, we’ve developed a new, patent-pending ground loop installation process, the Williams Vertizontal™, that has very exciting benefits.

First, with a Williams Vertizontal™ loop, your yard and landscaping can be spared. A traditional loop leaves the yard a muddy mess. With our new process, we can install your loop with minimal disturbance to your property.

Plus, a Williams Vertizontal™ loop doesn’t require as much land. In fact, we can install it on almost any subdivision lot. So, many homeowners who have a small lot or too many trees now have the opportunity to choose geothermal!

Our loop is also more energy efficient than a conventional horizontal loop. A horizontal loop lies about 5 feet under the ground. The Williams Vertizontal™ loop goes down 20 to 25 feet, getting into the water table. So we get a better heat exchange. Plus, there’s less chance of damage to the pipes since they’re buried deeper.

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