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“I can fix it, honey.” Sound familiar? Well, when your heating, cooling or plumbing system needs repaired or replaced, you need to depend on a reliable, professional expert to get the job done. So who should you choose? How do you decide?

Williams Comfort Air and Metzler’s Mr. Plumber suggest the following.

  1. Call your local Better Business Bureau and other community reference sources, such as Angie’s List, for a company history of complaints and resolutions to make sure the dealer is reputable.
  2. Call the company’s client references: Current customers are the best source of information and are usually willing to share their experience. Take time to call them. You won’t know unless you ask.
  3. Check local licenses and Insurance: Ask to see state and local licenses, bonding, and insurance coverage.
  4. Get a detailed written proposal: A detailed written proposal should be presented to you. If it is not, insist upon it. There is no reason that a reputable contractor would refuse to put it on paper.
  5. Heat loss-heat gain calculation: Expect a thorough calculation performed with an on-site evaluation. A good contractor should measure your home, check insulation factors and evaluate your overall comfort needs.
  6. Equipment/labor warranties and guarantees: Warranties and guarantees vary according to manufacturer and dealer. That’s right. Many dealers offer additional warranties and guarantees. These should also be included in your written proposal.
  7. Your 3-Day Right to Cancel: A new comfort system is a major household investment. According to Indiana law, all home improvement contracts include a 3-day right to cancel.
  8. Maintenance requirements of your new system: A maintenance agreement is one of the best ways to ensure your system’s performance, reliability and safety. Does your contractor include your first maintenance as a part of your proposal? If so, they value you as a client. Also, ask what maintenance you should perform on your own, such as changing the furnace filter.
  9. Know and understand the contract: Make sure that it’s all in black and white. There is no detail too small to be included in your written proposal. It is very important to understand all aspects of the agreement with your contractor before any work begins.
  10. Get more than one estimate or reference: It’s always wise to get a few estimates and compare. Be sure to compare more than just price when evaluating estimates. Consider quality, technical skill, dependability for maintenance, warranty support and overall company stability.

The Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Contractor:

By selecting a qualified heating, cooling, and plumbing contractor, you will avoid many costly problems including:

  • System breakdowns
  • Improper installation causing your new system to operate below its capabilities
  • Unsafe operation
  • Shortened equipment life
  • Lack of timely service
  • Inefficient operation when your system is not properly maintained, causing unusually high energy bills
  • Voided manufactured warranties
  • Theft or property damage caused by the contractor
  • Building code infractions and penalties

Williams Comfort Air and Metzler’s Mr. Plumber are trusted home comfort specialists, and we encourage you to do your homework. Remember, WHO you choose is your most important decision.

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