Protect Your Home With a Leak Defense System

Defending Against the “Drip before the Flood”

It’s Friday morning and you’re at work looking forward to a relaxing weekend. All is right with the world… except that the water pipe to your upstairs shower has just sprung a leak. You’re enjoying lunch but that small leak has erupted like “Old Faithful” and is spraying water everywhere! The garage door goes up. Let the weekend fun begin! You walk into your family room and are overcome with a sense of desperation. The ceiling has collapsed onto your new 52-inch TV; the carpet is soaked; your family photos are drenched; and you haven’t even been upstairs yet!

This is a plumbing nightmare that you CAN prevent with a Leak Defense System. The Leak Defense System will alert you to even the smallest problems such as a leaky toilet. It automatically shuts-off the water if a leak is detected in your home. It is programmed for your normal usage such as showering, washing clothes and irrigation. With the Leak Defense System, you have a one-touch turn-off of your incoming water supply. Plus, it may reduce your water consumption and lower your insurance premium.

If you fly South for the winter, this is perfect for you. No more worries of burst pipes!

Want more information? Ask our plumbing experts about the leak defense system.