Indianapolis Indoor Home Air Quality Service

You know that stuff you see floating around in the air? Well, it’s 80% dead skin along with hundreds of allergy and illness-causing pollutants and contaminants. This stuff circulates through your air ducts… some of it finds a home there, some of it keeps blowing through for you to breathe in over and over again, and some of it stops off to breed and multiply before getting back in the airflow. Since most of us spend up to 90% of our time inside, this is a really big problem. You’re breathing in…

  • Dead skin cells… a dust mite’s favorite meal.
  • Dust… About 40 pounds of dust is generated per 1,500 square feet every year.
  • Dust mites… Each speck of dust carries about 40,000 dust mites and other illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Dust mites comprise over 50% of the weight of the average pillow. YUCK!
  • What else am I breathing?

A Williams Comfort Air technician will test and evaluate your indoor air quality and give you expert advice for bettering it such as…
Duct Cleaning | Air Cleaners | Air Purifiers | Humidification | UV Germicidal Lamps | Thermostats | Zoning Controls

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