Indianapolis Plumbing Service and Repair

The toilet won’t flush so you grab the plunger. Plunge… Plunge… Plunge… Flush… Nothing! One more time… Plunge… Plunge… Plunge… Flush… Nooo! The toilet is now overflowing and it’s not a pretty sight. Schedule one of our expert plumbers!

A shower can be relaxing. But it’s not so relaxing when you get doused with scalding water because your son just flushed the toilet in the other bathroom. And it’s quite jolting when your skin is pelted with ice cold water unexpectedly. Schedule one of our expert plumbers!


Here are some other problems that really need a licensed plumber.

  • sewer line problems
  • bathroom additions or remodeling
  • installation of a new dishwasher, garbage disposal or water heater

Do-It-Yourself plumbing can be done, but make sure you have our number close by just in case your little plumbing project turns into a big plumbing emergency! Or… Schedule your plumbing service now.