UV Germicidal Lamps

UltraViolet (UV) Germicidal Lamps

UV Lamps… Should I consider them?

UV Lamp will kill the mold and bacteria that may be growing in the moist areas of your heating and cooling system. For example, your air conditioning coils may be hosting mold and bacteria that are making their way into your family’s air.

UV light has been proven for decades to effectively disinfect air, surfaces, and water. Numerous health studies have shown that germicidal ultraviolet light is very effective against allergies, asthma, mold, mildew, fungi, and any DNA based airborne viruses, bacteria, and spores. UV light can reduce suffering from allergies, especially those brought on by airborne allergens, by helping to control germs that make asthma worse.

Filters Aren’t Enough
Yes, a good filter is a must for your heating and cooling system. However, most filters capture only dust, mold particles, mold spores, and pollen. Some viruses and bacteria are too small for a typical filter, but ultraviolet air cleaners can effectively remove them from your indoor air.

UV in a Nutshell
Your family can enjoy a healthier environment with a UV air cleaner, especially if any of them suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

What Is Germicidal UV?
This is UV of a specific type (253.7nm wavelength) known to kill airborne germs that transmit infections from person to person within buildings. Germicidal UV is aimed at the upper room air so that only airborne microbes are directly exposed. Room occupants are exposed only to low levels of reflected UV – levels below that known to cause eye irritation. Germicidal UV has been used safely and effectively in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories for more than 60 years. UV does not prevent transmission of infections (e.g. colds) by direct person to person contact.

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