Why Choose Geothermal

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Geothermal Energy Savings

Heating and cooling your home accounts for over 50% of your utility bills and water heating is another 15%. Geothermal energy is up to 500% efficient! That means, for every one unit of electricity that you use, you get up to five units back. Plus, it even heats your water for FREE during the summer. A traditional system can’t do that! Thanks to the energy efficiency of a geothermal system, your investment can be returned to you in savings in as a little of 5-10 years, depending upon the efficiency of the system that is being replaced! As a matter of fact, you can save up to $25,000 in just 10 years in energy costs!

Longer Life

The typical lifespan of a geothermal system is over 20 years. If you invest in a new, traditional heating and cooling system today, you’ll be replacing it again in about 10 years. So, double the price you’d pay now and compare it to the price of a geothermal system. It will be very competitive if you are looking to purchase a high-efficiency system.

Huge Savings

Geothermal energy qualifies for a UNLIMITED federal tax credit of 30% of the purchase price. You may also qualify for up to a $1,000 utility rebate and a $1,000 Energy Star Rebate, available until Indiana’s funds are gone.

Our Patented Williams Vertizontal™

We’re very excited about our innovative Williams Vertizontal™ ground loop. This ground loop installation process, available only at Williams Comfort Air, has two unique benefits.

Your Yard is Spared

First, with a Williams Vertizontal™ loop, your yard and landscaping can be spared. A traditional loop leaves the yard a muddy mess. Our new process allows us to install your loop with minimal disturbance to your property. It only requires a small hole. We roll the sod back and place the excavated dirt on a tarp to minimize the disturbance to your property. Just watch our video and see for yourself.

Less Property Needed

A Williams Vertizontal™ loop doesn’t require as much land. In fact, we can install it on almost any subdivision lot. So, many homeowners who have a small lot or too many trees now have the opportunity to “choose green!”

A GREEN Choice

According to the Department of Energy, geothermal systems are the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. The installation of one geothermal system is the environmental equivalent to removing two cars from the street or planting 750 trees.

Sources of Available Credits and Rebates

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