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MAX Scholarship for Leadership Nominations Are Open!


MAX Scholarship for Leadership Nominations Are Open!



Indianapolis Air Conditioner Services

Air conditioners are essential during the hot Indiana summers, and you don’t want to be caught without one in the Indianapolis heat. With proper installation and maintenance, the average lifespan of a central air conditioning system is twelve to fifteen years. 

When your air conditioning system hits its “expiration date” and needs repair, or is just ready to be replaced, call the experts at Williams Comfort Air to discuss your options for air conditioning repairs and air conditioning replacements.

Keeping your home cool and comfortable with a reliable air conditioning system is a must. Williams Comfort Air is your best choice for AC repairs, AC maintenance, and AC installation/replacement work. We’re known as the air conditioning experts in Indianapolis, making sure our clients are cool and comfortable all summer long. If there’s ever a problem with your home’s temperature, we’re on call ready to help.

What Is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners are an important component of the HVAC system in most modern households. When outdoor temperatures heat up in the late spring, air conditioning systems are relied upon to keep indoor spaces at a comfortable and safe temperature for all occupants to enjoy.

What Does an Air Conditioner Actually Do?

Most people believe air conditioners lower air temperature by adding cooling in some way. However, how an air conditioner actually cools air is by removing excess heat! The air conditioning process extracts heat from the air inside your home and transfers it outside, where it is released. The result is lower temperatures indoors, so the air is cooled and you stay comfortable.

Air Conditioning and Your Health

Some may wonder can a person get sick from air conditioning. Air conditioning can actually help protect your health in a few different ways. When outdoor temperatures are quite hot, the air conditioning system keeps temperatures indoors low, providing respite from the heat to help occupants avoid negative consequences of heat exposure, such as heat stroke. Air conditioners also help remove excess moisture from the air inside your home, which helps limit the possibility of mold growth that can be dangerous to your health if exposed.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Professional air conditioner maintenance provides protection for one of your largest investments at home. When your air conditioning system receives regular maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC technician, performance is optimized and your equipment warranty kept intact – maintenance tune-ups work to limit the risk of your air conditioner breaking down or the need to replace the air conditioning system earlier than expected due to system neglect.

Williams Comfort Air’s NATE-certified cooling technicians perform comprehensive air conditioner maintenance services that provide your cooling system with the care it needs for continued high performance and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance tune-ups for your HVAC system counteracts normal wear and tear, catches performance problems early on and corrects them before they cause a breakdown, and helps your air conditioner deliver optimal comfort indoors with less energy consumption.

Make sure your air conditioning system receives the annual maintenance care it needs when you sign up for a CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement! In addition to regular maintenance tune-ups, members receive additional benefits and savings, such as priority scheduling, discounts on repairs and new equipment, and no overtime charges for emergency repairs! Learn more and sign up today!

Cooling Emergency? Calls Are Answered 24/7/365

Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioning unit is not working as expected or making weird sounds, it is time to have an expert inspect the unit. When your air conditioner needs a repair, Williams Comfort Air has experienced technicians available 24/7 to diagnose the problem and offer options that are in your best interest. Our technicians explain the options so you can make an informed decision.

Have you put off a call to an air conditioning repair company, trying to go a little longer before repairs are made? If so, make the call for air conditioner repairs now – ignoring system problems and continuing to run your air conditioner when performance issues exist could cause more damage to your equipment, or worsen issues beyond the point of repair! Make the call for air conditioning repair at the first sign of system struggles or poor performance – when repair issues are caught and corrected early on, repair costs are typically lower and you avoid lasting damage to your air conditioning system.

When your air conditioner is on the fritz, you need an air conditioning contractor you can trust to make an accurate assessment of your system’s troubles, as well as perform lasting repairs to help you avoid trouble in the future. Homeowners throughout the Central Indiana region turn to Williams Comfort Air for honest, reliable air conditioning repairs. Our technicians perform a thorough assessment of your system, review our findings with you, and explain the solutions we propose so you understand how your system benefits from professional repairs.

We understand that an air conditioning outage on a hot day or summer holiday weekend constitutes an emergency for your family. Williams Comfort Air has qualified HVAC technicians on call around the clock – we are available whenever you need us! You don’t have to settle for sweating it out until the next business day – one call to Williams Comfort Air, and a NATE-certified air conditioning technician will respond quickly to assess, diagnose, and fix your cooling system to return cool comfort to your home.

Air Conditioning Replacement / Installation

Every so often, repair or maintenance services can end up being more expensive than upgrading to one of today’s more efficient systems. Williams Comfort Air carries leading air conditioning equipment manufactured by Carrier, a leader in the HVAC industry. Our line of Carrier air conditioners presents options perfect for any household and budget!

How Much Does It Cost to Install Air Conditioning?

Our Comfort Consultants help you make an informed decision on whether you should repair or replace your existing air conditioning unit. The right answer is different for each household – generally, we recommend moving forward with replacement if repair costs total half the price of new air conditioner installation or more.

The price to install a new air conditioner varies, depending on many factors specific to your home and needs. Equipment capacity, desired features, energy efficiency ratings, and more all weigh in on the price you’ll pay for an air conditioner upgrade. When you work with Williams Comfort Air, equipment cost and installation is included in the estimate you receive, so there are no surprises as we move forward with the project.

Air conditioning installation is potentially expensive if you are not working with professional technicians. We strive to balance various factors, including total cost, return on the investment, and time necessary to complete the process. Your new air conditioning system must be the right fit for your home, or else you will not receive the performance or energy efficiency levels you expect out of your new air conditioner.

Our goal is to deliver the air conditioning solutions you need at a price that won’t bust your budget. In Indianapolis, count on Williams Comfort Air for all your heating and cooling needs. All you have to do is call and we will take care of the rest!

Why Choose a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer?

Williams Comfort Air is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, which means you won’t find a better company to install your new Carrier air conditioner! Our NATE-certified air conditioning installation technicians have undergone specialized training with Carrier to ensure complete knowledge of the product line and accurate installation for all Carrier cooling equipment. Our detailed knowledge of these elite air conditioners allows us to best match you with solutions that fit your household’s needs and address your specific indoor comfort challenges. Don’t risk your investment with a company unfamiliar with the product – choose Williams Comfort Air to perform installation of your new Carrier air conditioner and rest assured the completed project will exceed your expectations!

Air Conditioners We Offer

  • Model #: 24ABB3 Comfort™ 13 Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 13 SEER
  • Sound Level: 72 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Single-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

  • Model #: 24ACC4 Comfort™ 14 Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 14 SEER
  • Sound Level: 72 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Single-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

  • Model #: 24ABC6 Comfort™ 16 Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 16 SEER
  • Sound Level: 76 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Single-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

  • Model #: 24ANB6 Infinity® 16 Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 16 SEER
  • Sound Level: 66 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Single-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

  • Model #: 24ANB7 Infinity® 17 Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 17 SEER
  • Sound Level: 67 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Two-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

  • Model #: 24VNA9 Infinity® 19VS Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency Rating: 19 SEER
  • Sound Level: 56 Decibels
  • Compressor/Motor: Variable 5-stage
  • Parts Warranty: 10 Year

Who Is MAX?

Max is an important part of our team. He is more than just a cartoon character. Max represents our commitment to quality work, craftsmanship, pride, and our passion to serve our clients and community. We celebrate this mentality through Max because these are the values that drive us to be the area’s most complete and comprehensive home service company. So, now when you see Max, you’ll know the story behind the man with the mustache!