Best Heating Tune Ups in Indianapolis

Heating Tune Ups Protect Central Indiana Furnace and Heating Equipment

Too often, heating system equipment in Indianapolis homes go without regular maintenance every year, which causes significant and sometimes irreversible damage to the system over time. You wouldn’t rack up 100,000 miles on your vehicle without oil changes or tune ups, would you? Of course not! Each year furnace servicing is skipped leaves damage equivalent to 10 years’ worth of car travel on your heating system – how long do you expect it to last when it’s neglected?

Servicing a furnace or any other type of heating and cooling system routinely is very similar to the maintenance a vehicle requires on a regular basis to keep it running properly. When you take care of your heating and air equipment, you reap the following benefits:

  • Decreased likelihood for costly breakdowns and repairs.
  • Extended equipment service life.
  • Likely decrease in monthly heating expenses.

Take care of your heating system today to ensure it can carry your household’s comfort for many more miles to come. Turn to Williams Comfort Air’s NATE-certified HVAC team for comprehensive furnace service and annual heating tune up service. Our professional staff performs the care your heating and cooling systems need to stay in service, season after season.

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Does My Heating System Really Need a Tune Up?

Don’t scoff when your HVAC pro tells you a yearly tune up is needed for your heating and air conditioning system – it’s not just a ploy to sell an unneeded service. If there’s any one service your HVAC system definitely needs and always benefits from, it’s a tune up.

Avoid Repairs and Breakdowns

Without a regular professional maintenance tune up, your heating equipment becomes bogged down with the effects of wear and tear – bearings start to grind, belts loosen, dirt piles up on sensitive components, etc. Right off the bat, these effects make it difficult for the heating system to operate as efficiently as it should, and you feel it indoors through poor comfort control as well as in your wallet through higher energy bills. These small issues grow and grow until suddenly, they stop your furnace or heat pump from turning on or producing heat, and they you’re stuck paying for HVAC repairs or worst-case scenario, a new heating unit.

Prevent Safety Issues

Tune ups for HVAC systems aren’t just about preventing performance issues – this essential service also works to prevent safety issues. A cracked heat exchanger in a gas furnace can leak carbon monoxide into the home, which is deadly when concentrations are high enough. Inspection for damage to the heat exchanger is just one of the many items on an HVAC technician’s to do list when performing furnace service. Without a tune up, homeowners may never know a dangerous problem coincides with heating system use.

Protect Warranty Coverage

If those points haven’t made you see the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, maybe it takes a hit to your wallet for a true understanding – no problem. Should you decide to forego annual maintenance for your heating and cooling systems, you can kiss your valuable manufacturers’ warranties goodbye, because you probably just voided them.

How, you ask? Virtually all manufacturers of HVAC equipment require a few things from you to uphold the warranty coverage they extend with the purchase of a new heating or cooling system. Typically, your system needs to be installed by a licensed HVAC professional, and it needs to be maintained yearly by a licensed HVAC professional.

They’re really not asking for much when you think about how much that warranty could save you if a component fails due to a manufacturing defect. If you void the warranty to save a few bucks on maintenance, expect to see some hefty repair bills should anything happen to your heating or cooling equipment. That warranty could’ve saved you the thousands of dollars you’re now on the hook for – was skipping a maintenance tune up worth it?

What Is Included in a Heating Tune Up?

There are many tasks involved in a tune up for heating equipment. Each is designed to either address wear and tear, verify proper operation of components, and to ensure system safety when in use.

While it may seem like a long list, a tune up for your furnace, heat pump, or boiler doesn’t take that long to complete. Expect your technician to be working on your heating equipment for about two hours. It’s such a quick job, there’s no excuse for not carving out time in your schedule each fall to have the job completed!

Heating Tune Up Tasks

  • Lubrication of blower motor bearings and other system components
  • Adjustments to fan belt tension if warranted
  • Test all electrical components for current and proper voltage
  • Tighten electrical connections throughout the system
  • Exhaust system test
  • Measure gas pressure and adjust if warranted
  • Inspect burners, clean burners and burner assembly
  • Test performance of ignition system
  • Inspect gas or oil lines
  • Verify proper operation of system controls
  • Clean interior and exterior chambers
  • Change air filter
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Measure carbon monoxide levels
  • Test thermostat operation
  • Calibrate thermostat if warranted

Keep in mind that throughout this entire process, there is a highly trained eye belonging to someone skilled in servicing furnace malfunctions reviewing every component of your heating system. If an issue exists within the system, your technician is going to find it.

This is a good thing because these issues can now be resolved, instead of left to simmer and swell into larger system problems. Indianapolis area homeowners find this benefit especially handy when the issue is something that would’ve left their home without heat once we reach that first cold day of the season. Save yourself some discomfort and a longer wait for repair service – that first cold day of every year is when we are fielding calls from those who did not have a tune up performed and did not have their heat-preventing system problems uncovered and corrected early on.

How Much is a Tune Up for My Heating System?

Tune ups for your home’s heating system are quite affordable! Compared to the potential cost of just one service call and system repair, the price looks even better.

Williams Comfort Air does our customers one better with our True Comfort Membership program. Designed to help you stay on top of your HVAC system’s preventive maintenance needs, True Comfort Membership gets you two tune ups per year, one for heating season and one for cooling season. Beyond maintenance, your membership grants exclusive discounts on other HVAC services, including emergency service, system diagnostics, heating repairs, and even the purchase of new HVAC or indoor air quality equipment!

When you sign up for True Comfort Membership, your annual tune ups plus these great benefits are all included at one low price. Take advantage of the professional protection our technicians offer through maintenance service and gain the perks of serious savings should system issues arise at any point in time.

Learn more about our True Comfort Membership and sign up today!

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