Indianapolis Furnace Replacement Service

Has your Indianapolis furnace reached its limits? After years of heavy use, the furnace system will decline in energy efficiency, causing heating costs and energy bills to rise all winter long. More frequent repairs are needed, leaving you with mounting expenses – if furnace repair service is even a possibility. 

Don’t stress over how much a new furnace replacement costs! At Williams Comfort Air, our HVAC professionals will provide a detailed quote for replacement costs, which includes the furnace cost for your new system, labor costs for removal of the existing HVAC system unit, and installation costs. We offer financing solutions with approved credit that allow you to pay your Indianapolis furnace replacement costs on flexible financing options at convenient terms.

Start exploring your furnace installation options now, or get expert advice like a second opinion on your existing furnace – give us a call or contact our team online to take the first step toward better heating comfort.

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Promo Code: HVAC2750WC

Expires: Oct 12, 2024

*Valid on Premium, Optimum and Optimum Plus complete systems. Discount less on other models. Duct cleaning offer up to 15 supply and return vents. See dealer for details, discounts, warranties and guarantees. Some restrictions apply. Normal business hours only. Residential owner-occupied only. Existing residential only. Must be presented at time of service. Cannot combine with other offers or discounts. Not valid on previous purchases. Special financing available for qualified buyers only. Must be in service area. Expires one month upon receipt. IN HVAC H0010016, IN Plumbing CO50800249, IN Electrical EL2300041

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Up to $2,750 off A new Home Comfort System

Promotion Code: HVAC2750WC

Expires Oct 12, 2024


*Valid on Premium, Optimum and Optimum Plus complete systems. Discount less on other models. Duct cleaning offer up to 15 supply and return vents. See dealer for details, discounts, warranties and guarantees. Some restrictions apply. Normal business hours only. Residential owner-occupied only. Existing residential only. Must be presented at time of service. Cannot combine with other offers or discounts. Not valid on previous purchases. Special financing available for qualified buyers only. Must be in service area. Expires one month upon receipt. IN HVAC H0010016, IN Plumbing CO50800249, IN Electrical EL2300041

We Take The Stress Out of Furnace Replacement in Indianapolis

A Name You Can Trust Upgrading Your Home Comfort

Every day, our licensed HVAC contractors help Central Indiana homeowners trade up to new heating system HVAC equipment, eliminating aging, underperforming, and costly natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces. Whether you choose a high-efficiency furnace or another efficient furnace model, trust our NATE-certified heating and air conditioning contractors to install new gas furnaces and all furnace types with skill and precision.

For 65 years, Williams Comfort Air has been the leading HVAC company trusted by homeowners across the Indianapolis area to deliver honest, reliable furnace and heating replacement services. Over six decades, we’ve gained the support of our community through detailed HVAC equipment knowledge, availability of extensive furnace system options, and precision installation for all furnace types.

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Understanding the New Furnace Estimate Process

Are you gearing up for a furnace installation estimate in Central Indiana? Whether you're replacing an aging system or considering an upgrade, getting a professional estimate is a crucial first step. In this video, we’ll break down what you should expect during the installation estimate process. We'll answer frequently asked questions such as:

  1. How do I prepare my home before your new furnace estimate?
  2. What should I expect during my furnace system estimate appointment?
  3. What do I do once I receive my furnace replacement estimate?

Here's What to Expect During an HVAC Installation Quote by Williams Comfort Air

Choose Indianapolis’s Furnace Replacement and Furnace Installation Experts

New furnace replacement is a substantial home improvement project for Indianapolis area homeowners, in terms of both the work and initial investment. With an average cost totaling several thousand dollars, you need to feel confident in the experience, skills, and knowledge of the HVAC contractor you choose to complete your furnace installation.

As a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Williams Comfort Air brings you the best selection of quality heating system and cooling system equipment. Every HVAC contractor on our team undergoes advanced technical training directly with the manufacturer to gain detailed knowledge of all the gas furnaces, electric furnaces, oil furnaces, and heat pump options we sell and install. Ongoing dedication to professional improvement allows our Comfort Consultants and furnace installation technicians to act as a trusted, valued resource to every homeowner we serve.

What Should I Do If My Furnace System Breaks?

At this point, furnace replacement is typically the best step toward gaining reliable, energy-efficient heat for your family. Get rid of your outdated natural gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace and upgrade with a new furnace that will deliver the superior residential heating and energy savings you desire. Williams Comfort Air’s heating and air conditioning contractors provide furnace installation services to outfit your Central Indiana home with the new furnace replacement needed for efficient heating for years to come.

Work with our knowledgeable Comfort Consultants to explore new system options which range from high-efficiency furnaces with variable speed blowers and a secondary heat exchanger to basic energy-efficient furnaces, or even heat pump heating and air conditioning system options including high-efficiency models. We’ll help you compare gas furnace prices and furnace costs for electric furnaces and oil furnaces, and estimate the energy costs you can expect based on the new furnace's efficiency so you can easily see how furnace replacement will allow you to save money right away!

Signs You Should Replace Your Indianapolis Furnace

It’s sometimes hard to tell when you should give up on your current furnace and trade it in for a new one. While ultimately the decision is yours, here are some elements to consider as you determine the right time for furnace installation:

  • Furnaces last 15 to 20 years on average with good maintenance – if your furnace is nearing, within, or beyond this range, replacement is coming in your future no matter what.
  • Operation grows noisier and noisier.
  • You’ve had to call for furnace repair more often over the past few winters.
  • Your energy bills have increased but you can’t figure out why.
  • Temperatures are hard to control throughout the house.
  • Some rooms get too hot, while others never get warm enough.
  • The furnace only runs for a few minutes at a time.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Old, Underperforming Furnace

If you have an older gas furnace, oil heater, or electric model furnace that isn’t keeping your family warm enough with efficient heating, you stand to gain significant benefits when you replace the existing HVAC system heating equipment.

  • Lower your energy bills when you choose from high-efficiency models for installation.
  • Installing a standard efficiency furnace likely offers better energy efficiency than an older heater that continues to decline in performance each season.
  • Gain new warranty coverage that will cover costs associated with furnace repair for covered issues and malfunctions.
  • Better control energy usage and stop waste with a properly sized, efficient unit versus your existing undersized or oversized furnace.
  • Create a more comfortable home with reliable furnace equipment that won’t be prone to breakdowns and unexpected furnace repair needs.
  • Avoid heating interruptions when you replace your existing furnace before it experiences a total system failure.

Many Furnace Types to Choose From

When it’s time to replace the furnace in your home, we have options to fit any need or budget. Through our versatile line of Carrier HVAC unit products, find the natural gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace you’re looking for.

  • Discover high-efficiency furnace choices that offer stellar fuel efficiency and minimize wasted energy usage through advanced features like variable speed blower motor components, multi-stage natural gas valves, or condensing models with a second heat exchanger.

  • If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system that is affordable and energy-efficient, today’s gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces from Carrier offer annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings that will generate savings on your energy bills at average prices that align with your budget.

  • Trade your old gas furnace, oil furnace, or electric furnace and harness a completely new type of heating system in your home. Carrier also offers heat pumps that produce great energy savings throughout the year, as a heat pump can function as a heater and air conditioner.

  • Further improve indoor comfort, air quality, temperature control, and energy efficiency with additional HVAC equipment options that can be installed with your new furnace. Installing a zoning system alongside your new furnace provides the capacity for zoned heating that maximizes high-efficiency furnace system operation while ensuring individualized comfort for all. Add air filtration solutions such as air cleaners that use a high-efficiency air filter and other technologies to eliminate bothersome pollutants from your home’s air.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

Furnace installation cost varies from one home to another. Total furnace replacement costs include the furnace prices for the equipment, labor costs for removal of the old furnace, and installation costs to place the new furnace into service.

It Depends on Specific Factors

The average cost of furnace prices depends on which new furnace was selected. Furnace cost is impacted by the capacity, fuel type, energy efficiency, and features of the new furnace. High-efficiency furnace cost will typically be more than the furnace cost for a unit with lower annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings. The furnace cost of a large-capacity unit will be more than smaller units. Often, a gas furnace costs more than electric or oil furnaces.

Installing new air conditioner equipment alongside the new gas furnace or other furnace models is recommended to create a matched HVAC system. If you choose this solution, there will be additional costs for the air conditioner unit and its installation.

Specifics of the home may impact installation costs, as well as other work needed to support the new furnace. If a homeowner wishes to replace an old electric furnace with a gas furnace yet the home isn’t set up with natural gas connections for this equipment, adding gas lines will increase installation costs for the new furnace. If the home’s ducts are riddled with air leaks or the duct system’s design is flawed, installing new ductwork will likely be necessary to ensure the energy-efficient performance of the new furnace but this service adds to installation costs.

Determining Furnace Installation Overall Cost

Due to these variables, it’s difficult to determine an average cost for furnace replacement cost – each home has different specifications and each family has their own preferences. In the same vein, searching for the average cost of replacing a furnace won’t give an accurate idea of the furnace installation cost you’ll encounter because each job has unique elements.

If you want to know how much a new furnace replacement costs, the best way to get an accurate cost is to request an estimate from a licensed Indianapolis, Indiana HVAC professional. Williams Comfort Air will be happy to visit your home, take measurements, and perform the heating load calculations necessary to help you choose a new furnace that’s a perfect fit for your house. With this information, we can provide you with a quote for the furnace costs you can expect.

Good Estimates for an Indianapolis Furnace Installation Contractor

Now that you have a long list of contractors, it’s time to find out which one works best with your budget. Heating contractors often have different prices for their labor and repairs, so it’s good to look for costs through estimates. Here’s what to expect with the estimate process.

  • Shop around. One heating contractor near me likely offers a different estimate than another. Consider all of your options before you make a decision about a contractor. Occasionally, contractors meet all your expectations on paper but offer unrealistic estimates or practice suspicious techniques.

  • Make an appointment. Pick an appointment time with each contractor to go over the project and hear the solutions. During this visit, the technician surveys your heating unit, offers a diagnosis of the problem, and explains possible solutions. At the end, they give you an estimate for the project. Technicians don’t fix anything in this visit.

  • Talk about options. After they diagnose the issue, they talk to you about potential solutions for the problem. Some problems have multiple solutions. A good heating contractor considers the opinion of the homeowner before they decide on the best course of action. Ask yourself, “Does this heating contractor near me have my best interest in mind?” If not, go elsewhere.

  • Receive estimate. Lastly, the technician offers an estimate for the project. This estimate includes equipment, labor, and the price of the project itself. Make sure to ask for these three components when you receive your estimate. If you don’t ask, or the technician doesn’t specify, call the company’s representative for clarification.

Most reliable contractors offer free estimates for all kinds of projects. If the contractor doesn’t, you want to ask yourself, “Is this the best heating contractor near me, or is someone else better?” It’s considered poor business practice to charge for estimates.

Additionally, try to consider more than the price when you decide on a contractor. Instinct tells us to go for the cheapest option, but sometimes the lowest price indicates shoddy workmanship. Look at the big picture to decide which offer solves the problem for a reasonable price.

Look for an Indianapolis Furnace Replacement Company with Great Credentials

Credentials are important when you pick a heating contractor. Contractors without proper credentials are often cheaper than licensed technicians, but homeowners run the risk of an incomplete job or incorrect repairs. Look for these credentials when you hire your contractor.

  • License. Licensure for heating contractors is essential because it ensures the HVAC technicians meet the qualifications of a credible heating company. To obtain a license, technicians must go through on-the-job experience training, attend classes, and pass written exams.

  • Bond. Heating contractors cover unfinished projects with bonds. Homeowners depend on bonds when heating technicians leave before they fix the problem. Rather than pay for the first technician and a second one, the homeowner receives reimbursement to find another tech. Without bonds, you pay double the cost of the labor.

  • Insurance. Unlike bonds, insurance covers the homeowner when something goes wrong. If a part breaks or someone faces an injury during the visit, liability insurance ensures the homeowner doesn’t pay for the damage. In general, look for companies with coverage for homeowners, contractors, and workers to keep everyone safe.

  • References. A good heating contractor near me possesses plenty of positive references. These testimonials are crucial to homeowners looking for reliable heating technicians. Look for contractors who are forthcoming with their references and have great customer reviews. If possible, contact past customers and ask about their experience with the contractor.

  • Estimates. Most credible heating contractors offer free service estimates to homeowners. It’s best to get multiple estimates from contractors to weigh all of your options.

  • Available brands. There are extensive brands for HVAC equipment, but most heating contractors near me only carry a select few. If you have particular brands in mind, narrow your search to companies that frequently work with those brands. Ask your friends, “Do you know what heating contractor near me uses this brand?”

  • Experience. One of the best markers of a good heating contractor is how long it’s been around. Consider contractors who have years of experience in HVAC to ensure their trustworthiness. If they do business regularly, they’re likely in high demand, which is also a good indication of their ability.

  • Payments. Establish a payment schedule for expensive or long-term projects to ensure everyone understands how much the project costs, how large payments are, and how often payments must be made. Read the fine print in financial documents to learn as much as possible about your payments before you sign off on them.

  • Service contracts. Lastly, service contracts ensure peace of mind for homeowners because they mandate regular maintenance visits. Regular maintenance keeps your heating equipment healthy for as long as possible, which means fewer emergency visits from a technician. Again, read the fine print of the contract to make sure you understand the details before signing.

Trust Williams Comfort Air

When you need a heating contractor near me, look for all the characteristics in this article. A reliable technician carefully considers the needs of the homeowner and offers an affordable, reliable solution to fix the issue.

The HVAC technicians at Williams Comfort Air in Indianapolis, Indiana possess all these traits and more. When you need to fix your heating unit, call our trained technicians as soon as possible. We offer free estimates and diagnose the problem quickly. We want your heater to work all winter long, so give us a call today!

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