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Toilet Repair for Homes in the Greater Indianapolis Area

Malfunctioning toilet parts are an unfortunate and unpleasant problem every homeowner deals with throughout the years. Toilet issues can render your bathroom practically unusable, which makes being at home difficult and problematic for family and guests. There are several parts to a toilet and mechanisms that are essential to their effective operation, and a defect with any of these parts can make a toilet inoperative.

Toilet problems are rarely convenient. Whether you experience a sewer system backup or a blocked and overflowing toilet bowl, our emergency services team is always available when you call, ready to help. This is especially true when it comes to toilet repairs. If have a leaking toilet tank, clogged toilet, the flush valve parts of the toilet don’t work, a fill valve malfunction that causes a running toilet, a cracked flapper, or worse, we’ve got the experience and professionals you need to fix the problem fast!

Common malfunctions that require toilet repair sure are a nuisance, but with the right tools and experience, the hassle is erased! Turn to the licensed Indianapolis plumbers of Williams Comfort Air for assistance with your toilet troubles. We arrive quickly and perform toilet repair fast to restore the use of your bathroom.

If you need toilet repair, contact Williams Comfort Air to schedule service. If you experience an after-hours toilet emergency, we are available 24/7 to assist you – contact us now.

Toilet Repair in Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas

Don’t let a busted toilet keep your bathroom out of commission – call the expert plumbers of Williams Comfort Air whenever you need help! Our plumbers evaluate your fixtures to identify where the problem stems, then get to work making the needed repair to restore function of your toilet.

We equip our plumbers to perform toilet repairs fast, for your convenience. Our plumbers drive fully stocked trucks with a supply of replacement toilet parts, so when new components are necessary to fix the issue, we have them on hand. Whether it be a replacement valve, flapper, wax ring, or other component, we make sure you get the new toilet parts needed right away.

Emergency Toilet Repair for Indianapolis Homeowners

A running toilet or an overflowing toilet bowl can cause serious water damage to your home. Don’t wait to call a plumber if this issue occurs, even if it’s late at night, over the weekend, or on a holiday! Williams Comfort Air has plumbers on call around the clock, every day of the year to correct emergency toilet issues whenever they occur. Call us for emergency service right away!

Avoid water damage to your home while your plumber is en route – turn off the toilet’s water supply. Most toilets have a shutoff valve that is located behind or beside the toilet bowl, below the tank on the supply line that sends water to the fixture. Simply turn the valve handle clockwise as far as possible, but be careful not to force it. If the valve is rusted or difficult to move, you can apply WD-40. If the valve doesn’t turn, the toilet’s shutoff needs to be replaced so you’ll be able to turn off water supply to the toilet in case of a future emergency.

Need Toilet Repair or Installation? Calls Are Answered 24/7/365

Signs of Toilet Problems in Indianapolis Homes

Toilets have numerous parts, and malfunctions can occur in several different components of the common toilet. When your toilet acts different than usual, there could be a need for a repair. Watch for signs that show you the toilet is not running as it should be and call for repairs to avoid water damage and water waste. Signs you may need a repair include:

  • The Toilet Fill Valve Takes Too Long to Fill the Tank
  • The Tank Makes a Dripping Noise After Filling
  • The Toilet Takes a Really Long Time to Flush
  • The Tub and Sink Gurgle When You Flush the Toilet
  • The Toilet Has a Weak Flush That Doesn’t Work Correctly
  • The Toilet’s Flush Is Strong, but It Doesn’t Complete
  • The Toilet’s Fill Valve Doesn’t Fill the Tank With Water After Being Flushed
  • The Water Level in the Toilet Bowl Drops
  • The Toilet Flushes Twice in a Row
  • The Toilet Whistles When the Tank Is Filling
  • The Toilet Bowl’s Water Level Continues to Rise and Overflows

Common Toilet Repair and Replacement Issues

Sometimes, only a small part needs to be replaced or repaired to fix a toilet problem – other times, it is not possible to repair your toilet and it needs to be replaced. Here are some of the top issues our plumbers deal with that warrant a repair or replacement of the toilet:

  • Water leaking at the base, or the toilet is loose to the floor. If the toilet is wobbly and rocks from front to back, or you hear a squishing sound when you sit on it, your toilet is giving you a heads-up that the wax ring that attaches the toilet to the floor has failed. Once this seal has been compromised, water will slowly leak around the floor and may even cause rotting. You need to have the problem fixed immediately in order to avoid major damage to your home that could result if you don’t repair the problem.

  • Sounds water runs constantly, which typically points to a malfunction with parts in toilet tanks. If you hear a running toilet or the toilet sounds like it’s flushing when you haven’t used it, there could be water leaking out of the toilet tank into the toilet bowl if the flapper is cracked or broken, or the flush valve is bad. A bad flapper causes the water level in the toilet tank to fall low enough that the fill valve activates to refill it, making it sound like the toilet flushes on its own. Or, the fill valve itself that fills the toilet tank may be faulty. A running toilet continues to waste gallons and gallons of water over a 24-hour period – this burden is detrimental to your septic system and water bill. Either way, have a plumber a look at it before it becomes a costly problem.

  • Not flushing properly. Normally this happens in an older toilet that isn’t a high-performance flushing model. We can take care of the problem by replacing the whole toilet with a newer, better one.

Installing New High-Efficiency Toilets

Older toilets are very inefficient when it comes to water use – models manufactured prior to 1980 use as many as 7 gallons of water per flush! Toilets made today must adhere to strict federal guidelines for water consumption, using no more than 1.6 gallons of water to flush. The top high-efficiency toilets available today use just 1.28 gallons of water with each flush!

At five flushes each day, a pre-1980s toilet uses more than 12,000 gallons of water each year. A 1.28-gallon high-efficiency toilet consumes just about 2,000 gallons of water each year. Replacing older toilet models can cut your household’s water consumption by 10,000 gallons each year, per fixture upgrade!

Let the plumbers of Williams Comfort Air help you select new high-efficiency toilets for your Indianapolis home. There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, delivering the aesthetic you want along with the efficiency you need. Contact us today to request an estimate for toilet replacement.

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