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Hidden behind your walls, and generally ignored, your air ducts serve as the vital pathways that move conditioned air from the heating and air conditioning units throughout your home. Each air duct section works behind the scenes nearly year-round, whenever your air conditioner or furnace is running.

Like any other part of your home, dust and debris collect inside your HVAC system’s ducts. Once debris settles on surfaces inside the duct, there is always the opportunity for this matter to recirculate back into your home’s living areas – air is constantly cycling through the duct system as the HVAC units operate.

Duct cleaning removes harmful contaminants to protect air duct integrity and provide cleaner, more comfortable living spaces with improved indoor air quality. However, the process of air duct cleaning is much more complicated than dusting your furniture. Professional HVAC air ducts cleaners perform specialized cleaning services using techniques that eliminate matter resting inside the duct while preventing that mess from moving to your indoor air and living areas.

Air ducts cleaning is a combination of services that includes cleaning both the supply and return air duct; vent cleaning of registers, grills and diffusers; and professional cleaning of HVAC unit heat exchangers and cooling coils. A William’s Comfort Air duct cleaning technician works with specialized tools to remove dirt and debris from the interiors of tough-to-access duct runs in home airflow systems. The indoor air is also sanitized as services are performed.

Get rid of hidden dirt, dust, and allergens that are a common yet covert cause discomfort and poor indoor air quality inside Indianapolis homes – contact us to schedule a duct cleaning appointment today!

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Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important?

The duct cleaning process removes contaminants that exist inside the HVAC air duct system. These services aren’t only meant to create clean components – air duct cleaning creates numerous benefits for the household. What may sound like a simple cleaning process actually delivers so much more. Indianapolis homeowners agree that duct cleaning is a home service that is definitely worth having performed.

Better Air Quality

Improved air quality inside a home is a key takeaway from duct system cleaning. The air supply in a home is filled with pollutants that cause allergy symptoms and even contribute to illnesses. Air cycling through the home carries these particles into the duct system, where they can fall out of suspension and settle inside a duct. The constant circulation of air means settled particles have endless opportunities to recirculate into your living areas and once again contaminate the indoor air.

Air duct cleaning removes these contaminants from your home, once and for all. By removing deposits inside ducts, the possibility of their recirculation is eliminated entirely. A significant volume of the home’s air pollutants is permanently extracted, providing an immediate improvement in the cleanliness of the air supply.

Increased HVAC System Performance and Energy Savings

Airborne contaminants don’t just settle in the duct portion of your HVAC system – they make their way into your heating and cooling equipment, too. They fall out of circulating air to settle and collect on sensitive HVAC components. Inside a furnace, air handler, air conditioner, or heat pump, contaminant buildup restricts system performance and contributes to mold growth, which has negative impacts on the system as well as indoor air quality and even the health of the home’s occupants.

HVAC filters are meant to capture airborne contaminants and keep particles out of the heating and cooling equipment. Even so, they simply aren’t able to catch everything – especially when they are not replaced on a regular basis.

Cleaning ducts also keeps contaminants out of your heating and cooling units. Components within the system are exposed to fewer particles, allowing them to operate at optimal performance. Fewer pollutants in the air supply means your HVAC filter lasts longer, as it doesn’t clog as quick. These factors affect the system’s efficient use of energy – when all components operate efficiently, energy bills run lower.

HVAC System Protection

Debris that settle inside the HVAC units hasten wear and tear of components, which leads to more breakdowns and fewer years of service life from the system. Keeping debris out of the unit through duct cleaning, filter changes, and regular maintenance help the unit stay in service for a longer period, with fewer repair needs. The financial savings can be significant, as early replacement of a furnace or air conditioner is costly.

Cleaner Home

With clean duct interiors, there are no particles to recirculate out of the duct system and back into your home! Not only does this benefit air quality, but your living areas stay cleaner as those particles settle on surfaces throughout the home as air continuously circulates.

What’s Really Lurking Inside a Home’s HVAC Air Duct System?

A number of different contaminants come to settle inside the duct runs sitting behind a home’s ceilings, floors, and walls. Virtually any fine matter that has been in your home at some point in time can travel through the air and come to rest inside the ducts.

The types of contaminants found in a home’s ducts often vary from one house to the next due to differences in each household. Some of the most common matter present in the ducts of Indianapolis area homes includes:

  • Dead skin cells – The meal of choice for dust mites.
  • Large volumes of dust – A 1500 square foot space generates about 40 pounds of dust every year.
  • Dust mites – On a single speck of dust, as many as 40,000 dust mites can exist, along with many other bacteria and viruses. 50% of the weight of an average pillow is just dust mites – talk about gross!
  • Mildew, mold, fungi, germs, bacteria, and viruses – Air ducts are an ideal habitat for these pathogens to form and spread due to their warm, moist interiors.
  • Smoke from tobacco products – Cigarettes and cigars contain more than 3,600 cancer-causing toxins which cling to clothing and other fabrics, then release themselves when we enter other buildings.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – Formaldehyde, benzene, and other chemicals used in the manufacture of building materials and furniture, the dry cleaning process, and even in common household products like air fresheners and cleaning products. That “new” smell from your new carpet, freshly painted walls, or remodeled room is really the off gassing of the chemicals used to treat these products.
  • Insects and bugs – Insect and bug feces are powerful allergens and triggers of asthma symptoms. Cockroaches, flies, and other pests make their way into the ducts through vents, cracks, and even nearby plants as they search for food and shelter. Many people with asthma are also allergic to cockroach waste.
  • Pet hair and dander – Dander (shed skin flakes) of household pets is a common trigger for allergies and asthma. Plus, pet hair or fur can collect pollen, mold spores, and other outdoor allergens that further contaminate the air when tracked inside and diminish air quality.

How Can You Tell if Air Duct Cleaning Is Needed?

It’s not so easy to assess a duct for dirt and dust deposits – you can’t simply take a quick peak inside. Because duct work is concealed in the home, it is difficult for homeowners to know when air duct cleaning is needed. Instead, discover how to assess conditions to determine your duct cleaning schedule.

  • The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends air duct cleaning every three to five years. However, the NADCA notes that conditions vary due to differences between homes – household habits, pets, HVAC system usage, indoor smoking, and more. Use this range as a guideline and make observations to determine when it’s time to schedule a cleaning.
  • Whenever moving into a new home, whether it’s newly built or just new to you, have the ducts cleaned prior to move-in if possible. Clean ducts after remodeling projects, too. The duct cleaning process removes all construction dust and particles that circulate through construction sites or removes pollutants unique to the former family which might cause allergy issues and discomfort amongst your loved ones.
  • If your living areas consistently appear dusty despite frequent cleaning, the issue may be caused by contaminants recirculating out of the duct system and settling inside the home. Take a look at the vents and registers – are they dusty, too? If the register cover is quite dusty and you can see dust down in the vent, it’s a good idea to schedule vent cleaning and duct cleaning.
  • If your HVAC professional has found mold growing within your air conditioning unit or furnace, you should have your ducts cleaned in addition to HVAC service to remedy the issue. Mold spores can circulate out of the unit via the air and spread to the ducts or develop in the ducts due to their hospitable environment. A constant, musty odor in the home is another possible sign of mold in the HVAC system or duct work.

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