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Williams Comfort Air provides on‐time, fast, expert plumbing installation, repair, and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our services, material, and workmanship are guaranteed in writing, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re pleased to offer unparalleled plumbing service for the Greater Indianapolis area.

When searching for “plumbers near by me,” look no farther than Williams Comfort Air! For residential and commercial plumbing work in Central Indiana, we do it all – from drain cleaning to water heater repair and installation, and everything in between. No matter how big or small your plumbing project, you always receive the highest level of customer service from our team.

If you require plumbing services in your Central Indiana home or business, give us a call today! Schedule service or request a free estimate for installation and learn how easy plumbing projects become with the help of Williams Comfort Air’s professional plumbing staff.

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Our Indianapolis Plumbing Services

Do you wonder what type of work a plumber does, or how much does it cost for a plumber to unclog drains and other specialized tasks? Williams Comfort Air’s licensed plumbers are ready to tackle any plumbing challenges you face at home or at work. Plumbing services provided for residential and commercial customers throughout the Indianapolis metro area and the Central Indiana region include:

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DIY or Professional Plumbing Services?

It can be tempting to tackle plumbing jobs around the home on your own. For those especially handy Indianapolis area homeowners, DIY is just fine for those smaller jobs, such as simple repairs or swapping out faucets. However, not everyone has the know-how or comfort level needed to put on the hat of plumber – nor do you want to risk it when the integrity of your home’s plumbing system is on the line. That’s where we come in – Williams Comfort Air’s licensed Indianapolis plumbers provide the knowledge and skill needed to make flawless plumbing repairs and upgrades while protecting your home and delivering the plumbing performance you desire.

Even with a good knowledge of plumbing DIY, there are some situations where a professional plumber should always be called. Plumbing problems don’t always turn out to be as easy as they seem – often bigger problems are uncovered as dive deeper into a home improvement project. Whether you recognize these problems outright or discover them after you’ve started a DIY project, call our experts anywhere along the line for the professional plumbing help you need.

Avoid delays and potential damage to your home – leave these challenging plumbing tasks to Williams Comfort Air and ensure a job done right the first time:

  • Sewer line problems
  • Clogged or overflowing toilets
  • Installation of a new dishwasher, garbage disposal, or water heater
  • Bathroom additions or remodeling
  • Water heater repair

You might find yourself with a do-it-yourself problem that gets out of hand and need to call an expert plumbing technician to finish the job. If you ever have any of these issues, Williams Comfort Air is standing by ready to help. We will always supply you with the best solutions for your needs and budget, while ensuring quality plumbing work on every job we complete. Call us today for quick assistance and unmatched customer service.

24/7/365 Emergency Service from an Expert Plumber

We’re ready to help. When you need a plumber, call Williams Comfort Air… anytime! We value your time and your trust – our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers are experts in plumbing repair, plumbing installation, drain cleaning, and sewer repair and replacement, and provide fast, trusted service for your plumbing needs. There are no surprises with our upfront pricing and our plumbers are on-call 24/7. We are confident in our team and guarantee our services, material, and workmanship in writing.

Whatever your plumbing problem may be, our plumbing team is always available to help. We provide a wide range of plumbing services, including drain cleaning, sewer service and replacement, camera inspections, water heater flushes, and more. We offer quality workmanship at a fair price. We’re standing by ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Glossary of Plumbing Terminology

There are many words and acronyms that plumbers use throughout conversations with customers. While these terms are commonplace for those in the plumbing industry, they can seem a bit foreign to home and business owners who don’t have a background in plumbing. That’s ok! We know it’s easier to make an informed decision when you know the common terms, so check out the explanations below and learn exactly what your plumber is talking about.


A fitting used to join mixed piping i.e. copper to threaded fittings, PVC to cast iron.


A method to introduce oxygen into the water which helps remove dissolved gasses like carbon dioxide and oxidizing metals, such as iron, that contribute to foul odors or unpleasant taste.

Aerator Fittings

Aerator fittings are installed on plumbing fixtures and mix air into the outgoing water supply. Aerators are used to improve water conservation efforts and reduce water splashing.

Angle Stop or Angle Valve

Angle stops or valves are installed as shutoff valves on a plumbing fixture or appliance’s water intake. The component is angled at 90 degrees, hence the name.


Backflow occurs when wastewater flows in reverse within the plumbing system. This condition can lead to contamination of potable water.

Backup (Sewer)

The overflow of wastewater from a plumbing fixture caused by a blockage in the fixture drain or the waste line servicing the plumbing fixture.

Discharge Drain

A drain that discharges water into a waste drain system or into the ground through a channel. Sump pump drains are one example of a discharge drain.


A drain provides an entrance into the plumbing system’s drainage system, allowing wastewater to exit the fixture and flow out of the structure to a septic or municipal sewer system.


A sink or bathtub fixture that controls water flow. Most faucets have a mixing valve that allows water temperature to be adjusted by adding or reducing hot and cold water.


Flappers are a type of shutoff valve that raise and close to allow and end water flow. Most people are familiar with the flapper used to control water flow to a toilet bowl, positioned at the bottom of the toilet tank.

Float Valve

This type of water control valve cuts off water flow once the float reaches a set level. Toilet tanks use float valves, which cut off water flow once the toilet tank has adequately filled.

Galvanized Steel (Piping)

A type of steel water piping coated with a zinc compound. The zinc acts as a sacrificial metal, slowing down the corrosion process.

Gray Water

Relatively clean wastewater that comes from all fixtures except toilets. Gray water does not contain fecal contamination.


The water pressure exerted by gravity. For every 2.31 feet of height, one pound of head is delivered.


Using special equipment to blast high-pressure water to clean out build-up or blockages from clogged or slow sewage lines.

Main Line

The primary water line that that all other supply lines in the home branch out from. It supplies water from your water company’s meter at the street up to the point where it enters the home.

One-piece Toilet

Generally a more stylish toilet, the toilet tank and bowl are not separate, but make one single fixture. They are less common and usually more expensive.

Plumber’s Putty

A compound used to seal fixture bases, joints, and other plumbing components that can be exposed to unpressurized water.

Power Flush System

Typically found in business or commercial settings, this type of pressure-assisted flushing system compresses water to provide a pressurized flush as opposed to a gravity flush.


Refers to the length of a pipe from the floor or wall to the drain.

Septic Tank

An underground holding tank for an onsite small-scale sewage treatment system serving a home that does not have a connection to the local city or county sewage pipes. The term “septic” refers to the anaerobic bacteria that live in the tank and decompose the waste discharged into the tank.

Shutoff Valve

Valve used to turn off the water supply for a sink or toilet (usually found underneath), or the main water supply to the home (main shutoff valve). May also be called supply stop or straight stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common plumbing issues a homeowner will face are: leaking or dripping faucets, constantly running toilet, a clogged drain or toilet, jammed garbage disposal, and a sewer system backup.

Make sure that your plumber is licensed and insured, provides you with an estimate, cleans up after him/herself, and guarantees the work.

The top plumbing emergencies: failed sump pumps, a burst pipe, sewer back-up issue, or your water shut off valve failing.

A leak in your pipes could damage your home’s infrastructure and foundation and should be addressed as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is shut off the water. Whenever a plumbing emergency happens, use your water shut off valve right away. If it’s a major emergency it’s recommended you turn off your water heater to prevent the unit from getting damaged. Call a plumber, explain the situation, and listen to their recommendation.

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