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Sump Pumps and Battery Backup Sump Pumps for the Greater Indianapolis Area

Water damage poses an expensive threat to your home, especially when there is heavy rain. A reliable sump pump for your Indianapolis area home works to prevent flooded basements and crawl spaces. This plumbing equipment not only protects your home’s structure and contents but also helps you avoid problems with mold and mildew that thrive in damp areas.

A sump pump keeps your crawl space or basement dry by automatically pumping and channeling water away from the foundation when the ground is saturated with water. If the sump pump fails, your basement can flood, causing expensive damage to your home, furnishings, and keepsakes that can’t be replaced, like family photos. It’s important to have a reliable sump pump to protect your home when the weather is at its rainiest.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60% of American homes suffer from underground moisture. Many of us are likely to experience a flooded basement or crawl space at some time, and it doesn’t take much water to cause thousands of dollars in damage to the structure of your home and your belongings – that’s a high price to pay when a simple piece of plumbing equipment could have spared you the expense. Sadly, water damage can affect many things in homes that have sentimental value and are unable to be replaced or repaired.

We get a lot of rain and snow in Indianapolis, which means there are many opportunities for potential flooding of basements and crawl spaces – homes without sump pumps are especially vulnerable. If you don’t have a sump pump, call Williams Comfort Air and one of our experienced, licensed plumbers will install the correct sump pump for your home.

What Is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

Sump pumps are installed in your basement or crawl space. The sump pump is used to help keep the area dry and free of flooding caused by rising groundwater. The sump pump is installed in an area called the sump pit, which is a hole dug below ground level at the lowest point of your basement or crawl space.

As groundwater seeps into the basement or crawl space, it naturally moves to fill the sump pit, as it is located at the lowest point. Sump pumps pump water out of the pit, through a discharge pipe, and away from your home, keeping your basement or crawl space dry. The water is absorbed into the ground away from your home.

Types of Primary Sump Pumps for Indianapolis Homes

There are two types of sump pumps made for primary use – the submersible sump pump and pedestal sump pump. A submersible sump pump sits down in the sump pit, and its float switch gauges high water levels within the sump pit to activate the pump. A pedestal sump pump sits above water over the sump pit, which keeps the pump’s motor out of the water.

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Should You Have a Battery Backup Sump Pump in Indianapolis?

Even with a primary sump pump in place, what happens when:

  • The Power Goes Out?
  • The Primary Pump Fails?
  • The Float Switch On Your Sump Pump Becomes Stuck?

The answer, you can assume, is that your sump pump won’t work, and your basement or crawl space could flood. For these reasons, it is wise to install a battery backup sump pump.

Common reasons for primary sump pump failure:

  • Loss of Power
  • Lack of Professional Maintenance
  • Age (Average Service Life of 10 Years)
  • Manufacturer Defect
  • Component Failure

With so many ways for your sump pump to fail, having a backup pump covers you when Murphy’s Law strikes. If your primary pump doesn’t turn on for any reason, the battery backup will kick in.

The battery backup pump is installed next to your primary unit and is a redundant system that operates independently when the primary pump fails. Since it is battery-powered, you can rest easy when you lose power to your home. Also, the battery backup pump can assist the primary pump if it is unable to keep up with the amount of water pouring into the pit.

By installing a battery backup sump pump, not only do you enhance protection for your property and valuable belongings, you save yourself the unpleasant experience of hours of cleanup time, the expense of professional restoration services, and the replacement of property and equipment damaged due to flooding.

Sump Pump Repair, 24/7 Availability for Indianapolis and the Surrounding Area

If your sump pump isn’t working as it should, it’s time to call a professional. Unfortunately, not being proactive with sump pump repairs can cost thousands of dollars if the sump pump fails, causing a flooded basement.

Sump pumps can be overlooked while out of sight, but these systems are a vital component of your home’s plumbing system. They are designed to keep your basement, crawl space, or any other low-lying areas dry and protected. Scheduling sump pump maintenance or repairs before it fails is always better than coming home to a flooded basement!

Sump Pump Maintenance/Service by a Licensed Williams Comfort Air Plumber

How can you be sure your sump pump is working? Sump pumps need to be professionally serviced each year by a licensed plumber. This maintenance visit will help ensure that the primary and backup sump pumps are working properly, the pit is free of debris, the battery is charged, and failure is less likely to occur. You should also inspect the unit periodically to ensure it is powered and able to run properly.

Our professional plumbers at Williams Comfort Air are among the most experienced plumbing experts in the Indianapolis area, and we are ready to help you protect your home from water damage.

Sump Pump Replacement/Installation Options

When you’re looking for a new sump pump, it can be hard to choose between all the installation options available. Do you choose a submersible sump pump? What about a pedestal sump pump? How much horsepower do you need? Don’t worry! Our experts will walk you through the best options based on your home and your budget.

When determining the best options for your Indianapolis area home, our plumbing experts evaluate the specifications of your sump pit, how often your sump pump will typically operate, how high water must be pumped out of the area, and other key factors.

Of course, budget is a concern to most all homeowners when faced with purchasing new plumbing equipment. Sump pumps range from low to high price points, and there are many options available when it comes to a sump pump for your budget’s parameters. Williams Comfort Air works with you to find the right equipment that delivers the protection you want, at a price you can afford. We do offer financing solutions to make the high price of equipment more bearable when needed.

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