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Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Pipe Bursting, A Less Invasive Sewer Line Replacement Option for Indianapolis and the Surrounding Area

Having your property dug up for a major sewer repair isn’t not likely to be at the top of your wish list. At Williams Comfort Air, we get it. That’s why we  offer non-invasive “NO DIG” trenchless technology for major plumbing repairs. Trenchless technology is a cleaner, easier, more economical, and safer way to replace your sewer line. We can repair or replace underground pipes with minimal disturbance to the surface… including your driveway, porch, sidewalk, and landscaping. 

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What Is Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

For good reason, this technique is a wildly popular sewer replacement method. A replacement pipe is affixed to a bursting head and pushed through a small access hole into an existing, damaged, underground pipe using a pull rod or hydraulic power. The base of the bursting head is larger than the existing pipe which causes the existing pipe to break apart as the bursting head moves forward. The new pipe is pulled behind the bursting head, taking the place of the old pipeline without having to dig it out of your yard. Modern pipe bursting can be completed in a matter of hours. With trenchless pipe bursting, there is not a lot of disturbance to your yard… no trench… just a small access hole. The replacement pipes can last up to fifty years.

Because the process is so simple and efficient process pipe bursting has become one of America’s preferred pipe replacement methods and has created national awareness of trenchless technology. Many homeowners and sewer industry professionals like Williams Comfort Air prefer the pipe bursting method when applicable.

Inspecting Your Clogged Drain for Trenchless “No Dig” Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer line clogs can be caused by a number of things. Our professional sewer repair and replacement crew member will perform a camera inspection can show the cause of the clog so that you can learn how to fix the problem instead of just treating the symptom by unclogging the drain. When the diagnosis of your clogged drain requires a repair or replacement of an underground sewer pipe, we know that you don’t want to disturb your property any more than necessary. That’s why our sewer repair and replacement crews are trained in the use of trenchless technology. By choosing trenchless technology when it is applicable, the sewer repair or replacement can be done with as little disturbance to your property as possible.

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Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Right for Me?

Trenchless sewer pipe replacement is the best option for avoiding the disruption and costs associated with digging long trenches in your yard and tearing up landscaping, hardscaping, driveways and other structures that are frequently in the way when replacing damaged sewer lines. For traditional trenching, you’re often forced to pay to dig up the street in front of your home, for traffic to be rerouted, and for repairs to any city-owned property or main sewer lines. The cost for all of this work can range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $20,000 or more. Trenchless options for sewer line replacement have been around for about 15 years, but it’s still not a well-known option amongst homeowners. A trenchless replacement can cost 30 to 50 percent more than conventional digging in some cases, but it can still be more cost effective because you’re not spending thousands of dollars in additional restorative work. Depending on where you live, as well as the condition and configuration of your pipes, trenchless sewer line replacement might be the smartest option for you.

Client Reviews

“Chris did a great job of explaining along the way so nothing was a surprise- well except that the repair was smaller than anticipated- which was excellent! Highly recommend!!” – Andrew E.

“Ryan was one of the nicest technicians we’ve ever had come to our house.” – Bambi W.

“Fast, professional and helped in a time of great need. Even though it was an easy fix my technician did an excellent job and gave me advice on future issues that may come up. Highly recommended.” – Daniel J.

“Jeff did a great job with his analysis of my home duct system. He provided a written “health” report on site of my duct systems and several options on how to fix the problems to make my home healthy. I plan to have the necessary work done within the week. Kudos to Jeff.” – Rebecca G.

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