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Best Heat Pump Repair in Indianapolis

Professional Heat Pump Repairs for Homeowners in Indianapolis

A heat pump is an incredible piece of HVAC equipment that can save you money on your energy bill by replacing both an air conditioner and a furnace. The responsibility of a heat pump to provide both the heating and cooling within your home should merit consistent heat pump maintenance to preserve efficient performance. However, should your heat pump experience issues like a blown fuse, multiple refrigerant leaks, a broken reversing valve, or a faulty outdoor coil, you will need a professional service team to provide heat pump repairs quickly.

A simple call to Williams Comfort Air can provide you with the expert advice and professional service your heat pump requires to stay in top condition. Our NATE-certified technicians can repair or maintain any piece of cooling or heating equipment; heat pumps included.

There may be times when your heat pump seems to function regularly, and yet your utility costs begin to climb. Any strange noise coming from either your indoor or outdoor unit could be an indicator of an underlying problem. For example, a constant clicking when the system starts up may indicate a faulty pilot light, while a grinding sound may signify a worn heat pump blower motor. Any odd sound may show a lack of efficiency from your heat pump and should be investigated by a professional.

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Williams Comfort Air to the Rescue

Williams Comfort Air is unlike other heat pump repair companies in your area. Our licensed NATE-certified technicians are available 24/7 to fix any issues your heat pump may experience throughout the summer or winter. After years of offering quality services and customer satisfaction to our clients, we are confident that we can install, repair, or replace anything in your HVAC system. If you are looking for outstanding efficiency from your HVAC system and knowledgeable service from an HVAC company at all hours of the day, switch to Williams Comfort Air for all of your home’s HVAC needs. You will not regret it.

Solutions in Emergency Situations

At Williams Comfort Air, we never want you to worry about your family being warm enough on a cold winter night, even if your heat pump is acting up. Our company has qualified technicians available at all hours to fix any issues your HVAC system may experience. If your current HVAC company does not offer emergency service, switch to a company that will not leave you out in the cold, no matter the hour. We are here to repair or service any issue your heating mode, cooling mode, or plumbing systems struggle with, day or night.

Indicators of Heat Pump Problems

Your heat pump works tirelessly year-round to keep your home at the specified thermostat settings. If you turn on the power switch one day and nothing happens, it’s apparent that you need to call a professional for help. You could have a slight problem like a tripped circuit breaker.

However, it can be more difficult to detect complex problems if your system appears to be running smoothly. While your heat pump may be working, the system may be struggling to keep up, using more energy than it should. If left unchecked, the system may eventually develop significant issues that need to be repaired.

As a savvy homeowner, pay attention to the following signs that could indicate your heat pump system needs repairs. If you notice any of these symptoms of trouble, contact Williams Comfort Air for more information on the services we offer to protect, repair, or replace your heat pump.

Problems with Comfort

If you notice that your heat pump seems to be working well, and yet your home does not seem to reach a comfortable temperature or stay heated, this could be a sign of:

  • A broken thermostat
  • An oversized system that needs replaced
  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • Leaky air ducts
  • A dirty blower motor

Unusual Noises

If you begin to hear odd noises coming from your heat pump, it may be a sign that your unit could use a repair or two. When a healthy heat pump is running, you will hear a clicking sound as the system turns on from the thermostat, followed by a gentle hum as warm air circulates through your home. When the system has achieved the set temperature on your thermostat, you will hear another click as your system shuts off.

Sounds that could indicate struggling heating equipment include:

  • Any grinding sounds from a blower motor that needs replacement or repair.
  • Constant clicking while the unit is on, which could mean a faulty circuit board or control panel.
  • The squealing of the blower motor fan belt due to it being damaged or loose.

Short Heat Cycles

A heat pump unit that is short cycling has some issues. Short cycling is when the heat pump turns on frequently for quick 4 to 5-minute heating cycles, instead of the regular 10 to 15 minute cycles two to three times an hour.  

Short cycling can happen for many reasons, including inadequate airflow or a system that isn’t running as efficiently as it should be. Here are a few possible causes:

  • Blower motor problems: If your blower motor is battling a blown fuse or a lousy capacitor, the motor may stop receiving power during a heating cycle, causing short cycling. An HVAC professional can order the replacement parts necessary to fix this problem. The electrical system of a heat pump is essential to the proper heating and cooling of your home. If you have any issues with the power, such as a tripped circuit breaker or an inadequate flow of electricity, call an HVAC professional.
  • Inadequate air flow: Your heat pump functions as both heating and cooling equipment throughout the year. All that work can make the air filters dirty surprisingly quickly. To circulate any heat or cold air, adequate airflow is necessary. You can maintain proper circulation to the coils, condenser, and compressor by changing your air filters regularly.
  • Incorrectly sized unit: A heat pump that is the wrong size for your home will not run the proper length of time to adequately cool or heat the area. While it may seem expensive, replacing the heat pump system will save you money in the long run due to efficiency and energy costs.
  • Inefficient thermostat: A thermostat that is not working correctly will sometimes inaccurately read the temperature in your home, causing the heat pump to continue replacing the air with near constant heating or cooling cycles. Thermostat readings can be off for minor reasons, such as dying batteries. Make sure to check and replace the batteries in your thermostat regularly.
  • Refrigerant line leaks: The refrigerant in your heat pump will either absorb heat from your home and transport it outside or absorb heat from the outdoor air and bring it indoors to raise the air temperature. Heat pumps have an important part called a reversing valve that the refrigerant runs through. Should there be any refrigerant leaks in your system, the reversing valve may malfunction, causing your system to short cycle.

An obvious sign of refrigerant leaks can be seen on the outdoor unit of your heat pump. If you notice any frost on the outdoor unit that a defrost cycle in defrost mode cannot take care of, your system is likely leaking refrigerant. If the defrost cycle tries to run repeatedly and is still unsuccessful in keeping the unit from freezing, you need to call one of our certified technicians to come and do some heat pump troubleshooting. Appropriate heat pump maintenance will help find and correct issues such as this.

A Loss in Energy Efficiency

Whether your heat pump functions as a central air conditioner in the summer or a heating system in the winter, your energy bill should remain pretty consistent. If you notice that your service requirements have not changed, and yet your bill is significantly higher than usual, your system may be struggling with efficiency and general operation.

Heat pump repairs and maintenance can help to improve how efficient your heat pump functions, though older units may not use electricity as efficiently. You may need to replace an older unit so that both the heating and cooling functions of the heat pump can function more efficiently. Additionally, older heat pump systems may need more constant repairs on system components that repeatedly operate, like the compressor and outdoor coil. HVAC systems that do not function efficiently can cost you more money in energy costs, the need for repair, and service visits, than simply replacing the unit.

Contact Williams Comfort Air for more information and expert advice on lowering your energy bill, improving your heat pumps efficiency, and repairing issues on your own as a homeowner. If you notice any of the above system issues with your home’s heat pump, contact us to request a service call for repairs. Our NATE-certified technicians will examine your heat pump system to find malfunctions and perform expert repairs to correct performance issues.

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