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Indianapolis Heat Pump Maintenance

Have you ever thought about how much your heat pump does for your family? Since it works as both the heating and cooling systems in your home, heat pumps work throughout the year to keep your family comfortable. Your home’s heat pump is likely one of its most significant investments and needs regular maintenance.

William’s Comfort Air has several heat pump maintenance plan options that will help you keep your heat pump running at its peak energy efficiency and functioning well all year long. Additionally, any heat pump service repairs that your system requires can be taken care of by our licensed, NATE-certified technicians.

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Significant Benefits to Heat Pump Tune-Ups

Your heat pump carries a heavy load each year in an attempt to keep your family comfortable. A heat pump turns out cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter to continue producing the right temperature.

While sometimes this strain can begin to affect performance, your heat pump needs proper maintenance service to keep this significant piece of your HVAC system at its peak level of energy efficiency. Your heat pump system should receive two maintenance exams each year for optimal air conditioning and heating performance.

The proactive homeowner will find that they do not have to worry about their heat pump throughout the year when they have chosen the preventative maintenance route. You can worry about something before or after it breaks. However, most homeowners find that proactive maintenance is simply much cheaper and less stressful.

There are several major benefits to regular heat pump maintenance. You will likely notice some of these benefits in your home, your bank account, and even your peace of mind. The benefits of regular heat pump maintenance in your home will likely be things like:

Reduced Need for Repairs

Your system needs routine preventative maintenance to offset the strain of each cooling and heating season. Heat pump services like annual maintenance can prevent the need for up to 70% of repairs throughout your system’s lifetime. Many common issues that homeowners face with heat pumps can be avoided entirely by regular maintenance twice a year.

For instance, many issues can be prevented by simply focusing on improving airflow into and around your heat pump. If a heat pump’s air filters regularly go unchanged, the blower wheel and its fan blades may become so bogged down with dust and debris that they cannot blow air over the evaporator coils. This will greatly reduce the amount of cool air the air conditioning function of your heat pump supplies.

Reversing valves can also become an issue without regular maintenance. Reversing valves that do not function properly may cause refrigerant leaks, freezing outdoor coils, and causing major problems. Your HVAC technician will verify that the defrost cycle works efficiently to avoid these problems.

Manufacturer’s instructions recommend maintenance twice yearly to reduce the need for repairs, which can save you a substantial amount of money. Instead of paying for heat pump repair and labor costs, keep your system running smoothly with preventative maintenance.

Improve Energy Efficiency

An energy efficient HVAC system depends on a well maintained heat pump. One crucial aspect of energy efficiency is correct electric control over the automated technology of your home’s heat pump. A programmable thermostat and correct thermostat operation are both essential to low energy consumption.

During a regular maintenance exam, our qualified technicians will tighten electrical connections and ensure that all electrical wiring appropriately controls significant components of your heat pump system, including the blower wheel, fan blades, and other components.

Ensuring that your heat pump is running in peak condition will provide you with peak energy efficiency. The more efficient your HVAC system, the lower your energy bills. One of the best heat pump maintenance tips that you can receive is to improve energy efficiency in order to save money on your utility bill. Heat pump systems that are well maintained will save you money.

Extend Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan

With regular maintenance, most heat pumps should last for 10 to 15 years. To ensure that your heat pump lasts that long, you will need to schedule heat pump maintenance twice yearly. The qualified professionals here at William’s Comfort Air can service and repair any brand you will likely find at your local dealer of HVAC equipment, providing a one-stop-shop for all homeowner’s in our service area. Instead of waiting for your system to need repairs, catch issues before they happen with proactive, regular maintenance.

Better Air Quality

Several air filters throughout your heat pump system work to filter out debris such as bacteria, dirt, particulates, and potential allergens.  Our technicians recommend replacing the air filter in your home regularly to help the indoor air quality remain pure. Our technicians will also work to improve air quality by helping to clean outdoor coils, indoor coil units, evaporator coils, and the condenser unit, providing you with unrestricted airflow through your heat pump system.

You may find that your family members stay healthy throughout both the heating and cooling season because of your superior indoor air quality. This is especially true for individuals who suffer from asthma, respiratory issues, or seasonal allergies. Unobscured air flow through clean filters can also improve the overall efficiency of your heat pump system.

Perks of True Comfort Membership

As a William’s Comfort Air customer, you can purchase a True Comfort Membership and enjoy the perks of effortless heat pump maintenance. Our qualified professionals will contact you when it’s time for another tune up and offer you priority scheduling. You will also save money on any necessary heat pump repairs or new HVAC equipment required to get your system running smoothly.

Heating & Cooling Membership Benefits

  • Bi-annual service maintenance visits per year
  • 24/7 Emergency service (no overtime charges)
  • 2 Year parts & labor warranty
  • 15% Discount on all HVAC repairs
  • 15% Discount on indoor air quality products
  • 5% Discount on HVAC equipment (+ accruals)
  • FREE diagnostics with repair
  • $20 Off diagnostics without repair

To learn more about joining our True Comfort Membership program, visit here.

Commonly Asked Heat Pump Questions

If you have recently become a homeowner of a house with a heat pump, you may not be familiar with what maintenance is recommended to keep it functioning well. Fortunately, the pros at William’s Comfort Air have answers to many questions you may have.

If you have any additional questions not listed below, contact one of the NATE-certified technicians at William’s Comfort Air for expert advice and counsel. We look forward to helping with any HVAC questions or concerns you may have.

How Often Should My Heat Pump System Have Maintenance Exams?

Regular maintenance is important for every HVAC system, but highly vital for a heat pump. Other HVAC systems have both an air conditioner and a furnace that function independently, which means problems with one HVAC system won’t necessarily impact the other.

On the other hand, a heat pump is both your home’s heating and cooling systems rolled into one. As such, it works year-round to stay at whatever temperature you have set on your thermostat. Because your heat pump offers a dual-purpose heating and cooling solution, your heat pump will need maintenance twice a year to ensure that both the heating and cooling functions are working correctly.

It may seem a bit extreme to have our NATE-certified professionals visit your home twice a year, but each season can put a lot of strain on your heat pump system. To prevent problems and extend the life of your heat pump, make sure you schedule regular maintenance exams twice a year.

What Time of Year is Best for Maintenance?

The best time to schedule a maintenance exam is the season before you desperately need your system to function properly. To avoid getting stuck in the summer heat, you will probably want to schedule heat pump maintenance in the spring.

While many people struggle to appreciate the cold and chill of winter, it is much easier to do when your is warm due to your thriving heat pump. Get your heat pump serviced in the fall to ensure proper function. If you need heat pump repair services or other repairs, having your system maintained early will give you plenty of time to prepare for each season.

What Is Performed During Heat Pump Maintenance?

During each visit, our technicians will go over a heat pump maintenance checklist to ensure that they do not miss any important aspect of your heat pump system. Whenever your thermostat calls for a cycle of either heating or cooling, you want a heat pump that is ready to respond. Here are a few things that William’s Comfort Air technicians will check for or perform at your next preventative heat pump exam.

  • Ensure proper drainage in indoor and outdoor unit (condensate drain)
  • Clean outdoor coils
  • Tighten connections on electric terminals
  • Lubricate motors and inspect belts
  • Check fan motors on indoor unit
  • Test system controls
  • Verify correct refrigerant charge
  • Wash outdoor unit to ensure appropriate air flow
  • Change the air filter

Now that you know how vital your heat pump is and all that the team at William’s Comfort Air can do for you, why don’t you give us a call? If you need help with your current HVAC system, heat pump or are thinking about installing a whole new system, William’s Comfort Air is here to help.

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