Water Quality Analysis for Indianapolis Homeowners

Indianapolis Plumbing Leak Repair

The average home uses about 400 gallons of water a day. From washing the dishes to flushing the toilet to taking a shower, your home has an intricate plumbing system that handles it all.

If the home’s plumbing system has pipe leaks or other leaking fixtures, water is not contained where it should be. Water leaks can create a host of damaging problems in your Indianapolis home, from water damage to mold growth. And the icing on the cake – you pay for all that wasted water.

Don’t let water leaks drain your wallet. When leaking presents itself, you need emergency services to repair the problem as soon as possible, lowering the chances of damage to your belongings and expensive water bills. Get in touch with Williams Comfort Air to schedule professional repair services and resolve leaks right away.

Don’t Wait to Fix Water Leaks!

Leaks in your plumbing system are a serious problem that deserves emergency attention from a professional water leak plumber. These professionals can do the work needed to implement a reliable fix. If you need more convincing, here are the major issues that can evolve as water leaks are allowed to continue unchecked in the home:

  • Wasted Water – Wasting water or overusing household water means you’re wasting the energy-intensive process of filtering and treating the water to make it drinkable. Not only does it hurt the earth, but it increases your water bill, which is money down the drain.
  • Mildew Issues – Mildew flourishes in damp atmospheres. If water is pooling in your walls or floors, your health may be in jeopardy from mildew growth.
  • Flooring Damage – Since water naturally gravitates to the floor, it can become trapped under floorboards, tiles, slabs, and more. If left unaddressed, it can cause foundations to crack, mildew growth, and much worse.
  • Wall Damage – The majority of your home’s plumbing is set behind the walls. When a pipe bursts or springs a leak, it can seep through the drywall, causing the structure to weaken or collapse.

The most obvious household plumbing leaks include dripping faucets and leaking water heaters. Unfortunately, other types of household leaks are not so easy to notice. Leaks that are hidden underground, such as slab leaks, and those behind walls or beneath floors can go undetected for years. The best course of action for water leak repair is to call in a professional plumber. A plumber can find the source of the leak, recommend a plan of action to fix the leak and inspect for any other household or water damage caused by the leak.

If you notice cracks in your foundation, random wet spots around your home, or other signs of leaking pipes, call us today at (317) 660-6992. Williams Comfort Air offers customized leak repair services for all your home plumbing needs. We also provide emergency 24/7/365 water leak detection plumbing services to locate and repair every type of leaking plumbing scenario, such as water pouring into your basement from a broken water line or cracked water heater.

Warning Signs of a Water Leak

Not all water leaks are created equal – some are gushing and obvious while others exist silently and create devastation before signs are detected. As an Indianapolis area homeowner, it’s important to be vigilant and watch for signs that indicate a hidden water leak at home. In many cases, one or more of the five key signs below are the only warnings a homeowner has.

  1. Your water bills are higher than usual. Our first recommendation is to keep track of your water bills. If you see a significant increase in your bill, it may be due to a leak somewhere in your home. To make sure the spike isn’t due to a seasonal change, compare your water bills from the same month last year.
  2. Your water meter doesn’t stop ticking. If your water meter is continuously ticking despite no water being used in your home at the time, this may be a sign of a leak.
  3. You notice the musty smell of mold and mildew. A leak will cause damp areas in the ceiling, walls, or floors. These damp areas often create a free range for mold growth, which has a musty odor. If you keep your home sparkling clean yet still notice a musty smell, a water leak may be to blame.
  4. There are cracks in your home’s foundation. Cracks from your home settling are not uncommon. However, new and sudden cracks in the foundation may be due to a leak. Water that constantly seeps out of your pipes from a leak can weaken foundations and structural components, which can cause cracks in the foundation or walls of your home.
  5. There are visible signs of standing water. Have a look at the areas near sinks, tubs, and toilets. If you see damp spots or discoloration on the floor or wall, this may be caused by a leaking pipe.

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How Severe Is Your Water Leak?

So you have a leak, and you’re not sure if professional leak repair is necessary. Many Indianapolis homeowners choose between the DIY route and calling a professional for leak repair. Consider the severity of the leak, as this affects your approach. Here are three circumstances with solutions to help you deal with your water leak.

No structural damage.

While inconvenient, this type of leak does not cause much significant damage to your home. Instead, it will most likely cost you more time, energy, and money to resolve. Think about the last time you saw a sprinkler spouting straight up into the air instead of watering the grass or the last time you went into your bathroom to hear the toilet running even though it hadn’t been used recently.

Solution: Turn off each water source one at a time to identify the source of the leak. If you’re lucky, your leak will be easily discovered this way and you can make minor DIY repairs. If you don’t have any luck with this, hire a plumber to perform a leak inspection.

Minimal Damage Now, but Will Worsen over Time

Your leak has caused minimal damage to this point but has the potential to worsen over time.

While this leak may not look like a huge issue at first, if not addressed, it will cause more serious damage in the future. Some examples of these often-overlooked leaks are a leak in your wall, a leak in a faucet or shower, or even a drip from an appliance. Sometimes these leaks originate from equipment that could pose a danger to your household when in poor condition, such as your boiler or hot water heater.

Solution: Start by turning off the main water valve to your home and then clean up the mess. Next, you need to fix the leak. If it’s something that can’t be done on your own, call a plumber to fix the problem before turning the water back on.

Significant Damage

You have a leak causing significant damage (your home is being destroyed) – you need to act right now.

Hopefully, you never have to experience the damage this kind of leak can cause to your home. Significant damage leaks are easy to identify because your home is probably being flooded with water. Leaks like burst and frozen pipes are the most frequent causes of this type of leak that requires immediate attention.

Solution: Turn off the main water valve to your home to stop the flood of water. Call your plumber to request emergency leak detection and repair services, and then document the damage. It’s recommended to call your insurance company and then identify the source of damage with your plumber’s help.

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