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Indianapolis area homeowners occasionally experience troubles with the home’s furnace heating system, whether it be a faulty flame sensor, dirty burners, leaky air ducts, cool air coming from vents, strange noises like squeaky motor bearings, a pilot light that keeps going out, a malfunctioning furnace circuit board, incorrect thermostat readings, or even abnormally high energy bills. When these problems occur, don’t let your heating and cooling system go too long without attention – turn to Williams Comfort Air for furnace repair service for gas furnaces, oil furnace units, and electric furnace models.

When you call Williams Comfort Air for furnace repairs, a NATE-certified furnace repair technician is dispatched to your home to perform a thorough furnace inspection, which allows us to uncover the source of your furnace issues. Receive a quote for furnace repair cost before work begins, and your dedicated repair technician will get to work right away making the necessary repairs to restore furnace function and increase energy efficiency.

We know furnace repairs don’t tend to pop up at convenient times, which is why the Williams Comfort Air team always has a furnace repair professional available! When you need emergency furnace HVAC repair, count on us to be there to restore heating to your home anytime, day or night – 24/7/365 emergency HVAC service is available overnight, on weekends, and even during the holidays.

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Why Call Williams Comfort Air for Furnace Repair

A broken furnace is a big surprise for most homeowners – not to mention a stressful one. When you’re in need of furnace repair for natural gas furnaces, heating oil furnace models, or electric furnace units, ensure the repairs your heating system requires are completed in a timely, professional manner. For outstanding service, Indianapolis homeowners choose Williams Comfort Air.

Every furnace repair professional on our team is NATE-certified to assure homeowners that their home’s heating system will be well cared for by knowledgeable and skilled industry technicians. When you hire Williams Comfort Air to perform repairs on your gas furnace or other type of furnace heating system, expect elite technical service as well as thoughtful customer service. Our dedication to customer care as well as expert services for your furnace make our team Indianapolis’s most trusted furnace repair company.

Our team performs furnace repair work on every kind of furnace and heating equipment – whether your home uses a gas furnace, oil furnace, electric furnace, boiler, or heat pump, trust that the skilled technicians of Williams Comfort Air are fully capable of performing the services your system needs. We make repairs to furnaces made by all major HVAC equipment manufactures and service all residential furnace models for your convenience.

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Emergency Furnace Repair in Indianapolis

If your furnace leaves you without heated air in the middle of a cold winter night or over the holiday season, Williams Comfort Air won’t leave your household to suffer in a home filled with cool air until the next business day! It doesn’t matter when your furnace issues arise, our team is available around the clock to correct them. Give us a call or contact us online at any point during heating season or throughout the year to request emergency furnace repair. A representative is always available to answer your call and a technician will be promptly dispatched to your home to complete a diagnostic furnace inspection, provide you with a quote for furnace repair cost, and start repair work to restore the performance of your furnace in no time!

If you need emergency furnace repair in the Indianapolis area, contact us now.

How Do You Know If You Need Furnace Repair?

When your furnace won’t turn on or doesn’t produce any heat, it’s easy to see the need for furnace service. Unfortunately, not all heating system issues are so straightforward with their warning signs. It’s possible for furnaces to continue operating with only subtle flaws for extended periods, making it difficult for homeowners to know when they’re in need of furnace repair.

The most difficult repairs to detect are those that exist while allowing the furnace to run regular heating cycles with seemingly normal operation. These system issues often start out minor but are able to snowball into more serious repair needs and system damage over time, made worse through the continuing use of your furnace.

For this reason, Indianapolis area homeowners need to know the trouble signs to watch for from their furnaces that indicate potential operating and performance malfunctions. When you know the symptoms of various furnace issues, you are able to make that call for furnace repair as soon as you uncover this warning – catching repair issues in the early stages can prevent severe heating system damage, so your repair cost is lower and you won’t be faced with the shocking need for unexpected furnace replacement.

Here are some of the key warning signs your furnace may produce if there is an existing system flaw impacting the operation or energy efficiency of your heating unit:

Strange Noises

If you have unusual sounds coming from your furnace when it turns on, while it runs a heating cycle, or as the system shuts off, this is a warning you need to take notice of. The only noise your furnace should produce is a brief clicking from the controls and the pilot light or ignition system lighting the burners flames as the system turns on for a heating cycle, a gentle hum from the furnace blower motor, and a final brief click at the thermostat once the heating cycle ends.

Problematic furnace sounds can include:

  • Grinding from the furnace blower motor, which commonly indicates worn motor bearings due to a lack of furnace maintenance.
  • Repeated clicking as the furnace attempts to turn on, caused by a faulty flame sensor or pilot light.
  • Continuous clicking during a heating cycle, due to a malfunctioning circuit board or control panel.
  • Rumbling or a pop that sounds like an explosion in the combustion chamber, caused by fuel combusting due to a malfunctioning flame sensor, dirty burners, or a bad ignitor.
  • Squealing in the blower motor assembly, due to a loose or damaged fan belt.

Short Heat Cycles

To heat your home to a comfortable temperature during winter weather, your furnace should cycle for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time running heat cycles two to three times each hour. If you notice the furnace shuts down shortly after a heat cycle begins, running around half the length of a typical heat cycle or less, your furnace is showing signs of a repair issue known as short cycling.

Short cycling has many possible causes:

  • Clogged filter: If the furnace filter is dirty, airflow is restricted through the heating system. This can cause chambers inside the furnace to overheat, triggering the limit switch to end a heat cycle prematurely for safety reasons. Replace the air filter and give the furnace time to cool down – this can often fix this issue.
  • Thermostat issues: If a thermostat’s batteries have gone bad, this control is unable to properly detect the indoor temperature and communicate with the furnace. Replacing the batteries can correct this cause of short cycling.
  • Blower motor problems: A bad run capacitor may stop the blower motor from receiving the power needed to run during a heating cycle. The heat exchanger and other internal components overheat and the cycle is ended when the limit switch detects unsafe high temperatures.
  • Faulty flame sensor: Corrosion and rust on the flame sensor prevents this part from detecting burner flames which can shut down the furnace early. If the furnace burner is dirty, it can prevent burner flames from getting heat to the flame sensor.
  • Wrong furnace size: If the furnace is too big or too small for your home, heat cycles won’t run the proper length. The solution to fix this cause of short cycling is replacing the furnace.

Poor Climate Control

If you’re having a difficult time keeping your home supplied with ample warm air on cold days, this could be a sign of:

  • Leaking air ducts
  • A clogged filter
  • A bad thermostat needs replacement
  • Dirty blower motor
  • Dirty heat exchanger
  • Under- or oversized furnace needs to be replaced with a new furnace

Higher Utility Bill

Energy bills for heating and air conditioning should remain fairly consistent year after year, barring no major changes to the home or household – the actual cost may vary depending on the number of people in the house, the number of days the home was occupied, and other factors. When homeowners spend more on heating bills one year, it’s a sign of poor energy efficiency from the heating and air conditioner system.

A more expensive utility bill during heating season can be a sign of a faulty component that needs to be replaced to improve a furnace’s efficiency. Repairs may be needed to solve efficiency problems, such as sealing leaking ducts. Furnace maintenance service may also be required to tune up parts and increase energy efficiency. Or, it may indicate the unit’s service life is coming to an end and it’s time for replacement with a new gas or electric HVAC unit.

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