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MAX Scholarship for Leadership Nominations Are Open!


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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Products and Services in Indianapolis

Recently, indoor air pollution has become an increasing concern in people’s homes. It is now known that indoor air quality plays a role in our health. People across the United States and Central Indiana seek information that offers help and answers to comfort and health problems related to poor indoor air quality. Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor problem – the truth is, indoor air can contain more pollutants than the fresh air outside.

Fortunately, there are several reliable products and simple solutions that help improve your indoor air quality. Williams Comfort Air’s air quality experts are here to help you determine the best air quality product to use with the air conditioning and heating systems in your Indianapolis area home. With options like air cleaners and air purifiers, as well as UV germicidal lamps, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, our expert technicians will identify a solution that works best for improving the air quality in your home.

Contact us to have a skilled technician perform any of the following air quality services:

Cause of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Hoosier Homes

The Environmental Protection Agency offers information warning United States citizens that the quality of indoor air is a greater concern than outdoor air pollution. Air pollutants exist in indoor air at concentrations 2 to 5 times greater than in outdoor air. With the majority of United States residents spending up to 90 percent of their time indoors per the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to indoor air pollutants poses a greater threat to our health and comfort than any pollutants we may be exposed to when we go outside.

Diminished indoor air quality results from many issues that cause air pollutants to build up indoors. Pollutants are introduced to the home environment through countless new sources each day. Poor indoor ventilation is a problem in many homes, especially newer-built homes – without proper ventilation, the use of fresh air to push out indoor air filled with pollutants does not happen. Our homes are filled up with air pollution and they aren’t designed with enough ventilation to help us control poor indoor air quality problems.

Major Indoor Air Pollutants Inside the Home

Indoor air pollution results as pollutants enter the home through specific sources:

  • Asbestos From Deteriorated Building Materials
  • Dust Containing Lead and Other Heavy Metals
  • Naturally Occurring Radon Gas
  • Pesticides
  • Carbon Monoxide and Other Contaminants From Appliances, Fireplaces, and Vehicles
  • Mold Growth in the Home or Its Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The sources of poor indoor air quality IAQ aren’t known by many, as pollutants are microscopic. Without a home air quality test and radon test, Indianapolis homeowners just don’t know what indoor air pollutants have invaded their residences. Testing air quality in home living areas reveals the pollutants that are present and affecting quality IAQ. Air quality testing in homes is used by air quality IAQ specialists to determine appropriate air quality products to treat specific contaminants found indoors.

Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Identifying indoor air quality problems is easy with quality air testing, but many symptoms of poor quality IAQ can be observed by homeowners without testing air quality of home spaces. A few symptoms that suggest you have an indoor air quality problem:

  • Stale or Stuffy Air
  • Lingering, Unpleasant Odors
  • Excessive Dust or Allergens
  • Eye or Throat Irritation
  • Increased Allergy Symptoms
  • Humidity Below 30% or Over 60%
  • Mold or Bacterial Problems

Williams Comfort Air Provides Fast, Professional Products and Services to Address Symptoms of Poor IAQ in Indianapolis Homes

If you or your loved ones suffer from symptoms that point to poor indoor air quality, you need fast, experienced help to resolve the IAQ problems that can negatively impact comfort and even cause poor health.

There are several routes to consider when it comes to resolving problems caused by poor air quality in a house. Our Comfort Consultants help you determine the best products and solutions that achieve the quality results you’re looking for. Our trained air quality experts specialize in identifying indoor air pollution and poor indoor IAQ problems, allowing our team to recommend the best solutions available to resolve health symptoms and poor comfort inside the home.

Air Quality Emergency? Calls Are Answered 24/7/365

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home with These IAQ Products for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Specialized products have been developed to work with heating and air conditioning systems, targeting common indoor air pollutants and alleviating the negative health and comfort symptoms that poor air quality issues cause. Good indoor air quality contains minimal pollutants, is balanced in relative humidity, and has proper ventilation. Williams Comfort Air’s air quality experts may recommend one or more of these products for installation in your home to treat the indoor air pollution problems you face.

Preventative Measures to Reduce Air Pollutants That Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

How can you improve the air quality in your home? Our air quality experts created a list of tips that every Indianapolis homeowner can implement and benefit from:

  • Use Chemicals Outdoors Only
  • Let Fresh Air Into Your Home by Opening the Windows Weekly for Improved Ventilation
  • Before Starting Any Renovations, Have Your Home Tested for Asbestos and Lead Paint
  • Use Air Fresheners Sparingly
  • Cigarette Smoke Is One of the Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants. Don’t Smoke Indoors
  • Periodically Have Your Home Tested for Radon
  • Bedding Should Be Washed Weekly in Hot Water
  • Cover Scented Candles With a Lid
  • Bath and Wash Your Pets Often
  • Try Not to Wear Your Shoes Around the House. Use a Doormat to Wipe Your Shoes Off at the Door
  • Frequent, Regular Vacuuming
  • Add Dusting to Your Regular Cleaning Routine
  • Water Leaks Should Be Fixed As Soon as Possible

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