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Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System Maintenance in the Indianapolis, Indiana Area

No matter what type of cooling system equipment you have installed in your home, from central air conditioners to ductless HVAC system room air conditioners, ongoing air conditioning performance and energy efficiency is dependent on regular seasonal heating and cooling preventative maintenance. A maintenance tune up does wonders for your system’s efficiency and operation, providing the various cleaning and servicing required by the indoor unit and outdoor unit each year.

Schedule service with Williams Comfort Air today to ensure your system receives the cooling maintenance it needs to continue providing the perfectly cool air your family depends on for summertime comfort. Our NATE-certified air conditioning system technicians address all key system components and aspects of operation, from system starts, air flow, and temperature drops to addressing electrical connections, the condensate drain, air filters, the condenser coil, the evaporator coil, bent fins, compressor, and thermostat function. We also inspect and check controls and electricity voltage to ensure your equipment is safe to operate.

Your central air conditioner or ductless cooling system benefits from regular maintenance in many ways, and your HVAC system passes valuable benefits on to you for being diligent about your system’s care needs. Maintenance works to boost performance to help your family stay cool throughout the year, while allowing the system to run using less energy so you can save money on utility bills. It also works to prevent expensive repairs that result from mounting wear and tear damage affecting the unit. The combined benefits of this air conditioner service keep your unit in service longer, giving you more years of cooling and more time between large investments in cooling system replacement.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning Equipment

Whether your house has a heat pump, air conditioner, or ductless HVAC system to cool the air, maintenance services are a must each year. This professional service is extremely quick and affordable, and delivers benefits that provide value many times greater than your initial investment.

When you schedule service for preventive cooling maintenance from Williams Comfort Air, the top benefits you can expect to see are as follows:

1. Higher Unit Efficiency

By servicing all air conditioner parts so they operate with correct function, hinderances to efficient operation are erased. Each component will run efficiently as it does its job with as little energy consumption possible. You receive the same reliable cool air indoors while your air conditioner generates lower energy bills to save you money.

2. Limit Repairs

The wear and tear to electrical connections, coils, blower motors, and other parts of the cooling and heating system accumulate over time, eventually causing these components to malfunction if the heating system and air conditioning equipment have not been properly maintained. Neglecting the maintenance needs of your system year after year can lead to severe system malfunctions and breakdowns that require expensive repairs.

When heating system and air conditioning units each receive their annual tune up, the likelihood of a malfunction during heating or cooling season is greatly reduced. You can expect fewer repair needs, saving you time and money while sparing you the discomfort of waiting for service.

3. Healthier Indoor Air

A dirty filter and dust deposits inside the equipment lead to poor air quality and more particle pollution with the air circulating inside your house. System cleaning during a professional tune up and replacing a dirty filter whenever needed help your air conditioner and heating system remove more contaminants as air passes through the HVAC units. Thus, the air inside your home won’t have such high concentrations of bothersome pollutants like pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other particles that cause health symptoms amongst your loved ones.

4. Longer Heating System and Air Conditioner Life

By improving air conditioning performance, boosting energy efficiency, and limiting breakdowns, your HVAC unit is likely to last longer with maintenance than without. When you make a maintenance visit a priority each year, your current system is likely to last years longer than it would without regular attention through maintenance.

5. Preserve Warranty Coverage

A new air conditioner, heat pump, or heat unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that can cover the cost of certain replacement parts should a defect be found within the system during the warranty term. However, most manufacturers do require owners have the equipment serviced by a licensed professional each year to ensure its maintenance needs are met. If you choose to skip this service, even once, you could lose warranty protection and end up paying the cost of certain repairs yourself.

Common Cooling System Maintenance Questions

Indianapolis homeowners often have questions about HVAC maintenance and what it involves. Below, Williams Comfort Air provides answers to educate you about the importance of maintenance for your HVAC systems.

How often should a cooling system receive professional maintenance?

The cooling sy stem that serves your house should be tuned up by a licensed professional once per year – the same goes for any heating equipment. If you use an air conditioner with a furnace for heat in the winter, the air conditioner will receive one maintenance tune up during the year, and the furnace will receive one, too. In a house that uses a heat pump for both heat and cooling, this unit receives two tune ups each year – one for its heating functionality and another for its cooling operations.

You can schedule service for a technician to inspect your HVAC unit and perform the maintenance servicing and cleaning at any time, but doing so at certain points during the year has advantages. We recommend you schedule maintenance visits for cooling equipment in the early spring, well before you expect to start using your air conditioner or heat pump to stay cool. Same goes for your heating units – we recommend this maintenance be scheduled in early fall, well before winter rolls in.

Why schedule maintenance at these points throughout the year? Having a technician come to your house and inspect the system before it’s time to start using it provides an opportunity to spot flaws in the condition of parts or operating functions. These minor issues can be corrected prior to running the system in peak season, which prevents additional damage to the unit and the possibility of a breakdown. Plus, if there’s a serious issue present within your air hander, furnace, or condenser, it can be fixed so you aren’t surprised by an HVAC system that won’t work when it comes time to start using it!

What do cooling maintenance tune ups include?

Cooling maintenance involves many different steps to ensure the entire system and all its important components receive the needed service, cleaning, and care. The steps of cooling maintenance differ from the servicing required by a furnace, as there is no heat exchanger or gas pressure to inspect. Heat pumps don’t use the same type of heat exchanger as a furnace, so even when heating maintenance is performed for this type of equipment, the steps aren’t the same.

Whether you have an air conditioner or heat pump, the steps Williams Comfort Air performs include:

  • Check controls for proper operation
  • Inspect thermostat temperature readings and calibrate if needed
  • Inspect electrical connections and tighten if loose
  • Clean the condensate drain pan and drain line
  • Clean the evaporator coil within the indoor unit
  • Clean the condenser coil of the outdoor unit
  • Straighten bent fins on the outdoor unit using a fin comb
  • Lubricate moving parts of the blower and condenser fan motors
  • Measure refrigerant charge
  • Replace air filters as needed

What can I do to maintain my cooling unit in between maintenance visits?

While professional maintenance is a critical part of system upkeep for air conditioners and heat pumps, it’s not the only servicing these systems require throughout the year. There are certain things homeowners need to do in between these visits to keep up with cooling maintenance. These tasks include:

  • Inspecting the filter once per month and replacing it once it becomes dirty. The filter often needs to be replaced more frequently during the heat of summer as the unit is running longer to keep the home cool over this period.
  • The condenser unit outside requires some occasional cleaning to facilitate the proper air flow and heat exchange for cooling. Brush off bits of mulch, leaves, and grass clippings that stick against the condenser fins – a good time to do so is after mowing the lawn or landscaping outside. Clear away weeds growing up from the unit’s base and trim branches as well as shrubs growing in the immediate vicinity of the condenser. Don’t store outside items such as patio furniture, barbeque grills, and children’s toys up against the condenser – keep at least two feet of clear area on each side of the unit.
  • If you notice mold or algae growing in the condensate pan, remove any water and clean the pan using detergent or bleach.
  • If the condensate drain line is clogged, try flushing the line using a garden hose to clear away any clogs. If you cannot clear the drain line yourself, contact Williams Comfort Air for repair services.

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