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Best Indianapolis Heating and Cooling Repair Service

Repair Services for Heating and Cooling Systems in the Indianapolis Area

From time to time, a home’s heating and air conditioning system may experience a performance problem or a decline in HVAC energy efficiency. These issues can prevent the furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump equipment from delivering reliable heating or air conditioning throughout an Indianapolis area residence. When customers are unable to correct such flaws with the heat or AC unit themselves, then it’s time to enlist the help of knowledgeable technicians who can begin the process of repairs.

Williams Comfort Air completes repairs for all types of cooling systems including heat pumps, air conditioners, and ductless cooling system models, as well as heating units, from furnaces to boilers and geothermal heat. Count on our professional technicians to complete reliable repair service for any home heating and cooling system.

Whether your HVAC repair involves replacing worn out electrical components, patching leaky air ducts, fixing damage inside the unit, or installing entirely new system units, trust our company NATE-certified, licensed technicians to arrive on schedule for your services and provide you with quality work and excellent service every step of the way. Williams Comfort Air’s heating system and cooling system repair services guarantee a great job for a great price – our team of technicians works hard to protect your home HVAC system at a fair, affordable cost.

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Choose Williams Comfort Air for Unmatched Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service

Over the past 55 years, Indianapolis customers have made it clear which local HVAC company they trust for dedicated heating and air conditioning services. From the first contact, it’s clear to see the level of professionalism and respect our technicians pay each homeowner we assist, in every home we service and on every job we complete.

As a homeowner, you’re never limited as we strive to offer comprehensive services that encompass any home comfort need. We have you covered, from heating or air conditioning installations and installation of heat pumps, maintenance service for all heating and air conditioning unit types as well as other essential system services like duct cleaning, and HVAC repair for any make and model of heating and air conditioning systems. Our skilled installers also install and service indoor air quality solutions that boost performance of your HVAC unit while working to make your home a more comfortable place.

Heating or air conditioning services involving repairs as well as the cost can vary widely, depending on the issue affecting your system. You don’t want to pay more than what’s fair, so how do you know which company will service and fix your HVAC units while treating you with honesty and integrity every step of the process? At Williams Comfort Air, we recognize you have many choices for contractors to contact in the event of a heating and air conditioning system breakdown, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a level of transparency and respect you won’t find anywhere else.

For HVAC repair services to fix your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, contact us today.

Emergency Furnace, Boiler, Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, and Ductless HVAC System Repair

What are the chances your heating or cooling equipment will suffer a breakdown when there’s plenty of time left between professional business hours, and your HVAC contractor is able to schedule technicians for immediate arrival on the exact day and time you need them? Unfortunately, this unicorn situation for heating and cooling unit disasters is not very likely to occur. This means if you don’t want to be stuck without heating or air conditioning, or risk causing more damage to your system by waiting days for service, you need an HVAC business that provides reliable heating and cooling service around the clock.

Williams Comfort Air does just that, because we know you aren’t likely to experience a furnace or air conditioner failure only at times convenient for your calendar! Whenever you call us, expect our team to respond promptly as we are available at all hours of the day and night, no matter what day of the year you need us. It could be Sunday morning or Christmas Eve, we don’t mind – your family’s home comfort and safety are our top priority.

For emergency heating and cooling repair service, contact us anytime.

Troubleshoot Heating and Air Conditioning Problems Before You Call for Repair Service

When a furnace or air conditioner exhibits a troubling sign that a breakdown could be upon you, many homeowners’ first reaction is to let their minds wander to the worst possible scenario. You may fret that your old unit is done for and the only solution is to start the costly installation process to upgrade your HVAC system. However, this is not typically the case – heating and air conditioning repair performed by skilled technicians will solve many HVAC problems, and you’ll pay a much more affordable price than if a new installation was necessary.

Even so, the sign of trouble your heater or cooling system displays may not even require service by a pro to correct – this is something most homeowners don’t expect! There are a few common issues that are quickly and easily solved with a little knowledge and troubleshooting. At Williams Comfort Air, we believe in delivering added value to our customers by providing knowledge other specialists might keep to themselves. We don’t want you to waste money paying for a service call fee and diagnostics when the problem at hand only requires a simple fix to clear up!

Anytime you experience a sign of poor performance or reduced energy efficiency from your heater or air conditioner unit, work through these troubleshooting steps before you give us a call and see if simple solutions are all you need to restore reliable heating and cooling in your Indianapolis area home.

  1. Thermostat Troubleshooting: Check the thermostat’s display – if it is blank, this typically indicates a lack of power, which can stop communication between your thermostat and HVAC units. Replace batteries and check the circuit breaker in the home’s electrical panel, resetting it if tripped. If the thermostat has power, make sure the correct settings are chosen. Select “HEAT” or “COOL”, depending on the system you wish to run. For programmable thermostats, verify the proper temperature adjustment schedules are in use and that the “VACATION MODE” or “HOLD” function is not mistakenly activated. Adjust the temperature setting to signal a new heating or cooling cycle by raising or lowering the temperature appropriately.
  1. Power Supply Troubleshooting: If your heater or air conditioning unit will not turn on, electrical services to repair the problem may not be necessary – an incorrectly flipped switch somewhere may be the cause of your problems. Open the electrical panel and check the breakers for the circuits your indoor and outdoor units are powered by. If either circuit breaker has tripped, reset it. Indoor and outdoor HVAC units have ON/OFF switches to control power to the equipment, though many don’t realize this because for most of us, the thermostat is the only thing we use to switch settings and operations of these systems. The ON/OFF switch for each unit will be along the exterior of the equipment cabinet or located on a nearby wall – make sure it is set to “ON”.
  1. Air Filter Troubleshooting: Problems involving HVAC filters can prevent the system from functioning correctly. Changing the air filter on a regular basis should be part of every homeowner’s household maintenance routine, but occasionally issues may be present without your knowledge. Running your system with a clogged filter in place can cause overheating, poor airflow, and other performance and energy efficiency complications, forcing the unit to shut down unexpectedly or fail to start up when expected. Remove the air filter from the cabinet within the indoor unit and inspect it. Filters should be ok for continued use if there is still free space remaining along the filter media’s surface, which means the filter still has room to gather more pollutants. Replace the existing filter in the filter cabinet if it still has some life left; if it is full, dispose of it and install a new air filter instead.
  1. Outdoor Unit Troubleshooting: If the outdoor condenser unit or heat pump is blocked by some sort of debris, the system will not perform at its highest energy efficiency levels and it may struggle to deliver heating or cooling with adequate airflow through your home’s ducts. Remove all debris gathered around the unit. Clean away mulch pieces, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and other natural particles that have stuck to the fins along the unit’s exterior. Weed away vegetation growing up from the base of the unit along its walls. Trim back tree branches and shrubbery encroaching upon the unit. Remove any outdoor items stores against or around the unit, such as barbeque grills, patio furniture, children’s toys, or other belongings.
  1. Indoor Unit Troubleshooting: If your indoor furnace or air handler malfunctions, there’s an easy way to diagnose the problem yourself – observe the error code. If you remove the access panel to the main equipment compartment, you’ll be able to see a small light that will flash a certain pattern – newer units may have a panel that includes a small window you can look through without removing the panel. Depending on the type and brand of indoor unit you have installed, the light will flash in various colors and/or certain patterns which indicate a specific system problem. Reference what you observe with the key in your owner’s manual to determine the issue as well as if it is something you are able to correct or if it is best left to a pro.

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