Here’s How You Can Unclog Your Drains

To unclog drains successfully, homeowners need to know the symptoms and the causes. In Indianapolis, Indiana, Williams Comfort Air has the answers. We compiled a list of all the most common signs and causes of a clogged drain. Then, we give you all the best solutions to help you unclog drains.

Even if we wish our drains would unclog themselves, homeowners need to know how to unclog drains. These tips and tricks ensure you never have to deal with the annoyance of a clogged drain again. And if you experience clogs often, then you always have the solution you need. Never go without the right knowledge again!

If you experience difficulty as you attempt to unclog drains around your Indianapolis home, be sure to give us a call for quick, professional help!

The Signs: When to Unclog Drains

When drains experience clogs, they give certain signs to the homeowner. If you notice any of these symptoms, you likely have a clog somewhere. These symptoms occur across different drain types, so be aware of all of your home’s drain systems.

  • Drain time. When clogs occur, they often cause water to drain slower than usual. The clog keeps water from draining, which means it sits in your sink, toilet, or shower. The water may not drain at all, or simply drain very slow. Either way, that signals a clog.

  • Water pressure changes. Changes in water pressure also mean the drain needs unclogged. Normal water pressure usually flows fast and with a little force, depending on the faucet. However, clogs cause water to move slower, which forces it to dribble out of the faucet. When you shower or wash your hands, this feels like you are not getting fully clean. Unclog drains to keep water pressure strong!

  • Unpleasant smells. Odors emit from drains with clogs. No matter how the clog formed, a strong smell comes from the pipe. Food waste rots and causes an odor, or water collects and forms mildew to create a smell. Both are unpleasant and cause discomfort to the homeowner.

  • Gurgling noises. Next, gurgles from your drains point to blockages. When clogs stick in pipes, water, and air have trouble pushing through. Only a small amount, if any amount at all, moves through. The air and water that does make it pushes through the clog and causes those gurgling noises.

  • Some insects are attracted to drains that contain clogs because of the smell. Fruit flies, drain flies, and regular old flies all rush to the smell of a clogged drain. Not only are these bugs a nuisance, they provide a health risk if they discover where you store your food.

  • Water backups. Finally, backups are a sign of clogs. Water should drain in sinks, toilets, and showers. If it doesn’t, backups are possible. A backup happens when excess water enters the sink, toilet bowl, or shower, but the water previously there doesn’t drain. That causes overflows, which brings up more than just water depending on what your pipe is storing.

Common Causes: Unclog Drains When You Know the Cause

Like with other household issues, clogged drains have certain common causes that prove frustrating for homeowners. When you need to unclog drains, it’s good to have an idea of what to look for. Some solutions work better for certain causes, so keep that in mind.

  • Oil or grease. When you cook, the oil you spill down the drain causes clogs. Because of that, you need to dispose of your oil in another way. Put the oil in a container you plan to throw away, then put the whole thing in the trash. That keeps the oil out of your drains completely.

  • Along the same lines, do not put a lot of food down the drain. This also causes clogs. Some foods, like pasta and rice, expand in water, which blocks the drain. Additionally, steak bones and eggshells can break your sink’s garbage disposal, so be sure to keep those far away from drains.

  • In the shower, hair sheds from your head and goes into the drain. Some of this hair flushes down completely, but some catches and sticks. These clogs occur mostly in showers, but hair also collects in sinks. If you have long hair, try to brush your hair in the shower or right before.

  • Toilet paper. Though most toilet paper deteriorates in the toilet, large clumps have a hard time dissolving. Make sure to limit toilet paper usage to ensure it does not clog the toilet. In excess, it swells when it becomes too saturated and causes blockages.

  • Mineral buildup. Water contains minerals that create deposits on your faucet and in your drain. These deposits are harmless, but without a filter, they build up over time and cause clogs in your drain. They coat the sides of your pipes, which first impacts your water pressure, then builds to a full clog if untreated.

  • Wet wipes. Wet wipes do not deteriorate in water, so if you flush them down the toilet, they do not decompose at all. They remain in your drain and cause clogs easily. If you use make-up wipes, baby wipes, or something similar, be sure to throw away the wipes in the trash when you finish with them.

  • If you have children, then you know the struggle of keeping your eyes on them all day every day. Sometimes, they fall through the cracks and put things down the toilet. Obviously, these objects cause clogs in the system.

  • Soap builds on the sides of pipes over time. The soap cakes onto each other in layers, which creates blocks. To unclog drains with this kind of clog, it’s best to find ways to melt the dried soap.

  • Cotton swabs. After you use a cotton swab, you should not throw it in the toilet or down any drains. Instead, throw it in the trash. Cotton expands in water, which means it’s really good at clogging your pipes.

  • Over time, dirt collects in your drains from various sources. If you work in the yard a lot, you probably experience more dirt in your drains than the average person. No matter where it comes from, dirt congeals into clogs.

How to Unclog Drains

Unclog drains with these at-home solutions. These methods work on a variety of clog types and are easy to do with items you already have in your home. At most, you might need to head over to the hardware store, but it’s avoidable if you don’t mind getting creative!

  • Drain maintenance. One of the best ways to prevent clogs stems from preventative maintenance. Keep a close eye on what you put down your drain. Some items, as mentioned above, prove common causes of clogs. Additionally, try to stay far away from chemical cleaners. They erode your pipes and lead to leaks.

  • Vinegar and baking soda. No, you aren’t making a volcano for the science fair. Vinegar and baking soda combined create a chemical reaction that actually helps unclog drains! The bubbles created by the mixture break through the clog. Just be sure to put a wet cloth on the second drain and flush it with boiling water when the clog is removed.

  • Obviously, plungers come in handy for clogged toilets. However, they also work wonders on the sink and shower. Fill up the sink with a little bit of water, plug the second drain with a wet cloth, then plunge for about 20 seconds. Then, remove the plunger to let in some water. The clog should break free!

  • Boiling water. Some causes mentioned above work well with a quick boil wash. Oil, dirt, and mineral deposits can be removed with boiling hot water. Simply pour it down the drain and the heat will melt away some or all of the clog.

  • Snake or auger. Snakes and augers work best for hair in shower drains. A snake is a long piece of metal or plastic with teeth along the sides. These teeth hook onto the clog and allow for more leverage to pull the blockage out. If you don’t have a snake or auger, bend a wire hanger into the correct shape and use that!

  • Call a professional. If none of these solutions work to unclog drains in your home, call in professional Some clogs are too stubborn for at-home methods, so they need a trained plumber to get rid of them. Luckily, Williams Comfort Air’s experienced plumbers know just how to get rid of a stubborn clog.

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Williams Comfort Air wants the homeowners of Indianapolis, Indiana to feel like they can tackle any kind of clog that comes their way. Each of these tips gives homeowners the confidence they need to take on clogs like professionals. Never struggle to unclog drains in your home again.

Even if you need to call in a plumber, Williams Comfort Air can be at your home at any time to provide you with the best plumbers in Indianapolis. We unclog drains, fix pipes, and so much more. For more information on our services, feel free to give us a call today. You don’t need to worry about plumbing problems with Williams Comfort Air around. We offer free service estimates when you give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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