Here's How to Choose the Best Local Plumber in Indianapolis

“How do I choose an Indianapolis plumber near me?” – if this question has been on your mind, Williams Comfort Air is here to help. Whether you have planned some plumbing upgrades throughout your home or face an emergency repair situation, the right plumber offers the help you need.

Do you know where to look to find a nearby plumber equipped to do the work your home needs? Learn where to look and what to look for when you evaluate local plumbing companies.

Find a Plumber Near Me: Who to Ask?

If you have never worked with a plumber, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or just one who’s been lucky over the years, it’s natural to wonder how to find a plumber near me. A good plumber is an excellent resource for homeowners, and if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to establish a relationship with a local plumbing company, it feels like you must start your search from scratch!

Lucky for you, this isn’t the case – you have some great sources to turn to, whether you realize it yet or not. Who do you trust most when you need advice about other decisions? These sources are also a great starting point in your search for a plumber near me.

  • Family: Are you someone who turns to your parents or the older generation when it comes to advice, both home-related or otherwise? If your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or other relatives live nearby and have owned homes, they may have a preferred plumber that they have worked with over the years.

  • Friends: If your nearby friends are homeowners, it’s likely that at least one friend has worked with a plumber for needs around their home. Ask your friends for recommendations on local plumbing companies and ask about their experience with each contractor.

  • Neighbors: If you have a trusted neighbor, you can bet their trusted plumber works in your area if they’ve worked at the neighbor’s home in the past. Perhaps you’ve even seen a plumbing company truck in their driveway! A trusted neighbor is another excellent resource to ask in your search for a plumber near me.

Remember, plumbing companies serve their surrounding areas, so ask your sources who live nearby – Aunt Ethel in Tuscon isn’t a very helpful source when you search for a plumber near me, nor is your old college roommate who lives across the state. Your source doesn’t necessarily have to live in your neighborhood or town to be helpful, generally, the same metro area or nearby town is helpful as far as plumbing companies go.

When you ask someone who you know personally for plumbing company recommendations, you’re likely to have a quality experience with that company. These trusted people aren’t going to want to lead you astray. With your friends, family, and trusted neighbors, you are most likely to receive an honest and candid review of the local plumbing contractor they recommend.

These sources are also good to ask about companies you should steer clear of. Those closest to you are able to tell you about problems they may have experienced, as well as an honest picture about what the company’s customer service and aftercare look like.

Find a Plumber Near Me: Where to Look

Maybe you’re new to the Indianapolis area and don’t have anyone nearby to ask when you search for a plumber near me – that’s ok! There are still many resources available to you! As you search for a plumber near me, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the local organizations that may be of help to you in the future!

  • Your Local Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to furthering business interests in your neighborhood, town, or city. They are made up of local businesses, and it is likely there is a plumber or a few that are members of the organization. These businesses serve your area and are a good starting point in your search for a plumber near me.

  • The Indiana Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Association (PHCC) is a non-profit trade organization representing plumbing contractors throughout Indiana. The Indiana PHCC helps homeowners find licensed plumbers to protect their homes while delivering the necessary plumbing services.

While many online review sites exist that collect customer reviews for nearby plumbers, these sites aren’t always the best choice in the search for a plumber near you. Often homeowners use these sites as a sounding board for really great experiences or really poor ones. You might find it very difficult to discern the truth about a plumbing company through these reviews.

If you choose to check out online reviews in the search for a plumber near me, keep that in mind. One great piece of advice is to look for how the company responds to a review – are they gracious, do they address a customer’s problem, have they offered to work with the reviewer to find a solution, is the company even responding at all? Seeing how a company treats customer responses both good and bad gives you great insight into their customer service and character.

Find a Plumber Near Me: What to Look For

In your search for a plumber near me, once you’ve identified companies to contact, it’s smart to receive three estimates for any major work you need. If you need emergency repairs, waiting for three estimates is not always practical. In this case, your recommendations and research into a plumbing company is even more important in your selection process.

As you talk to and meet plumbing companies, look for the following characteristics and must-haves.

  • Licensing: Indiana requires those who are in the plumbing business to hold a state license. To earn a license, there are schooling and on-the-job training requirements. A licensed plumber near me protects the integrity of a home’s plumbing system and appliances. Always ask for a plumber’s license number and verify it before you hire.

  • Insurance: A plumber’s insurance protects you and your home in the event of an accident during your job, whether it be damage to your home or someone who gets hurt on your property. A licensed plumber protects their business and their customers with the proper insurance.

  • Warranty: Warranty protection is extremely valuable to homeowners. It provides coverage in case something goes wrong with the work. New plumbing appliances like a water heater typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers certain components of the system for a specified period of time. A plumber may also offer a labor warranty, which covers the company’s work for the specified time. A warranty also serves as an added assurance that the company stands behind the quality of their work.

  • Customer service: The way a plumber treats their customers is extremely important in your search for a plumber near me. Look at the way all the company’s representatives interact with you, from the person who answers the phone when you first call to the sales rep or technician who visits your home to provide an estimate or make repairs. Are they helpful, are they friendly and approachable, do they arrive when promised, are they able to answer your questions?

  • Professionalism: The professionalism of a plumbing company tells potential customers a lot about their business. Do they drive branded trucks and wear uniforms? Can you easily identify the company? Not only does this speak to professionalism, it helps you know and feel comfortable with who is working in your home at all times.

Also, ask the company about their training process. Technology changes over time – what does this plumbing company do to ensure their technicians are up to date with the latest products and best practices? Ongoing education is a fixture in many trades that equips technicians with the knowledge they need to best serve homeowners like you.

  • Support services: You want to build a relationship with a reputable plumber who you are able to call upon in the future if the need arises. Does your plumber offer comprehensive plumbing services? Ask about repairs and maintenance, including the process should a plumbing emergency hit your home – you don’t want to be stuck searching all over again for a plumber near me when you have a major water leak on a weekend.

  • Accurate estimates: In the comparing estimates phase of choosing a plumber near me, you want to ensure all estimates are equally compared. A good plumbing company creates a detailed estimate that describes the work you get for the price, including specifics regarding any equipment or appliances included. Such as with water heater installation, price is greatly affected by the equipment model – when price is important, get the information you need to make an even comparison.

A Plumber Near Me: Williams Comfort Air

When you search for “a plumber near me,” look no further than Williams Comfort Air! We have served the plumbing needs of Indianapolis area homeowners for over five decades. Our licensed plumbers are knowledgeable regarding all plumbing issues homeowners face, and we offer a wide range of plumbing fixtures to make the upgrades you want in your home.

Contact Williams Comfort Air today for quality plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services.

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