The Importance of Scheduling an AC Tune-Up in Indiana

An annual ac tune-up is the most important maintenance service you will schedule each spring. Professional maintenance services for HVAC systems deliver unmatched value in so many ways. AC tune-ups preserve the peak efficiency of your system, allowing you to save money on summer energy billsInspection by a technician stops preventable breakdowns through early repairs. System parts receive essential service for operating safety, so they are able to perform at high levels throughout the season. Your unit receives the care it needs to perform and deliver quality comfort while keeping your warranty intact.

When you take care of your air conditioning system, it will reward you with excellent service, year after year. Tune-ups are easy to forget, but doing so could come at a great cost. Williams Comfort Air performs air conditioner tune-ups on all brands of air conditioning units to help Indianapolis area homeowners protect their cooling systems and their comfort. Find out why maintenance services for your ac unit are so important over your system’s service life.

The Importance of Scheduling an AC Tune-Up

An annual ac tune-up is the most important maintenance service you will schedule each spring. Professional maintenance services for HVAC systems deliver unmatched value in so many ways. AC tune-ups preserve the peak efficiency of your system, allowing you to save money on summer energy bills. Inspection by a technician stops preventable breakdowns through early repairs. System parts receive essential service for operating safety, so they are able to perform at high levels throughout the season. Your unit receives the care it needs to perform and deliver quality comfort while keeping your warranty intact.

When you take care of your air conditioning system, it will reward you with excellent service, year after year. Tune-ups are easy to forget, but doing so could come at a great cost. Williams Comfort Air performs air conditioner tune-ups on all brands of air conditioning units to help Indianapolis area homeowners protect their cooling systems and their comfort. Find out why maintenance services for your ac unit are so important over your system’s service life.

Better Cooling Performance

Every air conditioner, no matter which brands built them, are expected to cool homes reliably over the spring, summer, and fall. The services that a technician will perform during your annual AC tune-up to maintain your unit all work together to allow your system to deliver the best cooling possible. When coils, electrical connections, filters, fan units, and other moving parts are in top condition, expect great improvements in comfort throughout your home.

With regular maintenance for HVAC systems and air conditioners, eliminate the flaws that once created inefficient cooling, poor temperature control, and struggles to stay cool during the heat of the season. Once inspection and service are complete, there’s no reason to think your air conditioner won’t live up to its duties over the coming months. Everyone in your household will feel more comfortable, and for the money you spend on tune ups, the comfort returns alone are priceless – not to mention the many other valuable perks that enhance your system and user experience.

A Boost in Energy Efficiency

Whether you realize it or not, last season (and any other years you may have forgotten to schedule tune-ups) your air conditioner’s efficiency receded. The wear and tear inflicted on moving parts, coils, electrical components, the condenser, the fan – this damage may not have caused enough harm to your unit to warrant repairs, but it did inflict harm upon the HVAC system. That harm hasn’t caused breakdowns yet, but it has forced those parts to operate under stress, which means they do not perform as efficiently, and their safety could even be compromised.

You can skip AC tune-up service each year, but the wear and tear won’t go away. This damage will continue to mount, dust will continue to collect inside your AC unit, and every time you run your air conditioning system from that point forward, it will require more energy to get the job done. The heating and cooling efficiency of your unit will continue to fall from its rated levels, and you probably won’t even realize it. You may not even notice a decline in the quality of cooling comfort you feel indoors. However, the one difference you will start to notice is the cost – the cost of electrical bills showing increased power consumption from your air conditioner, which could have been prevented with a quick and affordable maintenance tune-up.

AC tune-ups create more efficient AC system equipment, for your benefit and for the benefit of our environment. While high utility bills create frustration, making it difficult to save any money, the bigger expenses coming your way are growing right under your nose.

By giving your air conditioning system the service it needs to run efficiently, the stress and wear and tear damage the system once suffered is largely erased. Your AC unit doesn’t need to waste as much energy to create the cooling you want, which is great for the environment as well as your bills. Yet, the opportunities to save money concerning your HVAC system don’t stop with your monthly electrical statements. You stand to save big because more efficient operation provides priceless protection to system components, reducing the potential for expensive repairs caused by neglect of maintenance services over the years.

Reduced Repair Needs and Fewer Breakdowns

If you have ever had to call a technician for air conditioner repairs, you know that the price you pay for furnace or air conditioning repair can be costly. Topping the savings generated by lower electricity bills, a professional tune-up for your air conditioner each year can save you thousands on repairs or replacement for parts that fail due to wear and tear and other damage that could have been fixed early if you had your HVAC company inspect your system each year.

When you think about the low price of a single AC tune-up service appointment each year, it’s easy to see what a cost-effective investment this service is into the protection of your unit and longevity of its individual components.

  • Each coil is cleaned.
  • Refrigerant levels are measured to ensure the evaporator coil and other key components in the heat transfer process have the coolant they need to properly cool the home.
  • Electrical connections are tightened to avoid errant operating signals and sluggish performance.
  • Air filters are replaced to maintain good system airflow.
  • The condensate drain is cleaned to prevent it from becoming clogged by dust and debris.
  • The condenser and its related components are tested to ensure they are correctly working together.
  • The fan and its motor receive service to help them maintain sufficient airflow throughout the air conditioning unit and your home.

A malfunction or breakdown involving these parts or others could cost thousands without much notice. Not only is the surprising price a struggle when your air conditioning system breaks down, but the lack of cooling to your home and your inability to control your own comfort will be up in the air until repairs are made. All things in mind, it’s rather fortunate that these potentially serious and costly issues can be mitigated when you make it a priority to request AC tune-up and inspection each year.

Save Money on System Replacement

Each benefit of AC tune-ups connects to the benefits prior, expanding to show just how valuable professional maintenance services are for HVAC care. As air conditioner tune-ups improve comfort, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the risk of breakdowns and repairs, they also limit the possibility of technicians explaining early HVAC system failure when your unit is just a few years old. When your heating and air company performs tune-up service, the thorough care they provide for each individual component adds up, creating an AC system that is as strong as the sum of its parts.

That refrigerant leak caught and repaired during inspection, those dirty air filters that were replaced, the evaporator coil and condenser coil that were cleaned, the furnace fan that received service – after an AC tune-up, each component is at its strongest, so the entirety of your air conditioning unit is, too. A regular AC tune-up helps you add years to the life of a home’s air conditioning equipment, increasing the return on investment resulting from its original purchase and installation. Take good care of your air conditioning equipment over the years and it will serve you well with a long life producing affordable, reliable cool air for your family.

Protection and Peace of Mind

While an AC tune-up has the undeniable ability to protect an air conditioning unit from the need for service and early replacement, even the most rigid maintenance routines cannot prevent surprises. There will always be a slim possibility that something could go wrong with your HVAC equipment, which is why a regular AC tune-up offers another level of protection: warranty coverage.

New air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s warranty that provides coverage should certain issues arise in the first few years of system service life. However, you must abide by the warranty terms to ensure this coverage is intact when you may need it in the future. When you call to set up an AC tune-up each year, you are fulfilling your end of the bargain, as most all brands require their systems to be professionally serviced each year. This is another way your maintenance habits could save you from unexpected expenses – if a breakdown occurs and the issue is covered by your warranty, your repair or an entirely new system could be paid for without costing you a dollar.

HVAC Maintenance Services in Central Indiana

The yearly AC tune-up focuses on protecting one of your home’s most valuable assets, its cooling system. Improvements in performance and efficiency protect components, higher functioning components preserve the system as a whole, and keeping a strict maintenance routine provides you with the ace up your sleeve of warranty coverage that one day could save you thousands.

Make sure you have your system’s AC tune-up performed this year when you call Williams Comfort Air to schedule service.

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