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Spring HVAC and Plumbing Checklist for Indianapolis Homeowners

As many of us are spending more time at home than usual right now, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of springtime chores! With extra time on your hands, you can tackle those important tasks that often go overlooked and undone. We’ve put together this short checklist to help you identify the household tasks that need to be completed in the springtime.

1. Check Screens and Reinstall Them

As the weather warms up, windows start to open up. It’s time to check the condition of your window screens so you’re set to enjoy that warm breeze when it comes. Check each window and door screen for tears, holes, and other damage that may have occurred over the winter – it may be necessary to patch or replace certain screens. If you put your screens away for the winter, reinstall them on your windows after inspection.

2. Inspect the Roof

Storms may have damaged your roof over the last few seasons, and you may have broken or missing shingles. With a pair of binoculars, go outside and take a visual survey of your roof. If you notice broken or missing shingles, make a note of their location so repairs can be made.

3. Clean Gutters

All sorts of outdoor debris have likely collected in your gutters since their last cleaning in the fall. Safely scoop out all leaves, twigs, seeds, dirt, and other debris that have gathered in the gutters. Make sure downspouts are clear of clogs and drain freely – use a garden hose to spray water through the downspout from the roof and check that it comes out without restriction at the bottom.

4. Clear Away Air Conditioner Debris

Check your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit’s condition, looking for visible damage that may have occurred over the winter. Remove any outdoor debris that has built up along the unit’s fins. Trim away vegetation growing nearby to leave at least two feet of clearance surrounding the unit.

5. Change Air Filter

Take a look at your HVAC system’s air filter – if it is gray and totally covered in debris, it is time to change it. The filter needs to be clean for best air conditioner performance when it’s time to crank up the cooling.

6. Test Air Conditioner

Before it’s time to use your air conditioner for cooling, it’s a good idea to test the system – the last thing you want on that first sweltering day is an air conditioner that doesn’t work! Allow the air conditioner to run for a little bit, giving you time to observe any performance problems that may have developed. If you notice issues, you are able to schedule repairs now – if you don’t find out about these issues until the weather warms up, the wait for repairs will be longer.

7. Test Sump Pump

We’re entering the season of “April Showers,” so it’s time to prepare your home for the heavy rainfall that is likely to come our way. Test your sump pump for proper operation. If you find system malfunctions, call a plumber for sump pump repairs right away, as heavy rains can happen at any time. You may want to consider installation of a battery backup sump pump for added protection and peace of mind.

8. Adjust Ceiling Fans

Since spring is here and you want to stay cool indoors, adjust the rotation of your home’s ceiling fans so that they help your body stay cooler. The ceiling fan blades need to be set to rotate counterclockwise so that the fan pushes air back down to where people are in the room. This rotation creates a windchill-like effect to help moisture on skin evaporate, which leaves you feeling cooler. With proper use, ceiling fans help you cut cooling costs and lower energy bills over the spring and summer!

9. Lawn Cleanup

Enjoy the fresh air with a productive walk around your property. Gather branches and dispose of them, which will allow your lawn to grow tall and strong this season.

10. Enjoy Extra Family Time

Even in the face of an uncertain situation, the extra time with our families is certainly a silver lining. Make the most of the circumstances and spend it with those you love – family is everything.

If you need help with any of the items mentioned above, feel free to contact us! Williams Comfort Air is open and ready to assist you with your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. Our NATE-certified technicians use their knowledge and skill to deliver enhanced comfort and energy efficiency from your heating and cooling systems.

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