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As a homeowner, it’s crucial to pinpoint problems with your home right away so you can proactively resolve issues. While many issues can be addressed from the comfort of your own home, there are others that may require the expertise of a professional, and that’s where Williams Comfort Air shines. Our entire team is focused on helping you to resolve comprehensive heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and air quality problems, because we want to help you to save money, protect your family, and enjoy a comfortable space.

The next time you hear a drippy faucet or notice that your furnace isn’t working properly, give us a call right away. Our team of NATE-certified professionals and licensed Indiana plumbers is available around the clock every day of the year to assist you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work, and most repairs can be completed the same day we hear about them. We offer convenient financing to make repairs or replacements affordable for our customers, and as a Pearl Partner and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we have everything you need to improve efficiency.

When you work with Williams Comfort Air, you can rest assured that our team will complete the work the right way the first time around. Our team will leave your workspace clean and take the time to answer any questions you have, because we care. We are ready to assist you with these areas, so please let us know what you are faced with.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Greenwood, IN

When you live in Greenwood, IN, you expect hot, muggy summer days. However, you may not expect that kind of forecast inside your home, where air conditioning typically keeps your house cool and dry. While air conditioning is typically very reliable, systems can develop problems if the indoor air handler or outside unit develops issues. Whether you are faced with a new noise or a system that doesn’t seem to be emitting cooled air, turn to Williams Comfort Air for help right away.

Our team of NATE-certified HVAC contractors are committed to making your home more comfortable, and all it takes is a single call to our office. We service all makes and models of air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini split systems, including systems we didn’t install. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team has access to high-end, name-brand parts to complete repairs, and many issues can be resolved the same day we come out to your home. We want your home to be the comfortable indoor oasis you deserve, so please let us know if your system doesn’t seem to be working properly. We will get right to the bottom of the problem.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Greenwood, IN

Even the best air conditioners won’t outlast your home. On average, AC units last 10-15 years, and that timeline assumes proper ongoing maintenance. Over time, your air conditioner may not deliver the cooled, dehumidified air you need, and may use more energy than you would like. To avoid high energy costs and an uncomfortable home, many Greenwood, IN homeowners replace their air conditioner proactively. Modern systems are designed to use far less power than older models, while still delivering the cool, comfortable air you are counting on during hot summer days.

When you are ready to replace your system, turn to Williams Comfort Air. We have a team of Nate-certified HVAC contractors ready to answer your questions and give you useful information about pricing and installation timelines, and as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we have access to all of the best new air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless AC units. Our team receives factory-direct training to ensure that your new system is installed according to very specific manufacturer’s guidelines, because we care about doing things the right way. Let us know if you need a new system, and we will get right to work on finding you the information you need.

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Furnace Repair in Greenwood, IN

When the weather gets chilly in Greenwood, IN, you may count on your indoor furnace, heat pump, or boiler to make your home warm and cozy again. However, when your system fails to turn on and warm your home, you may be faced with hidden HVAC issues that demand attention from a trained professional. At Williams Comfort Air, we are committed to helping our clients to stay safe and comfortable all winter long by offering furnace repair.

We have a team of NATE-certified furnace repair professionals who are committed to finding the cause of your furnace trouble and fixing it the right way. During diagnostics, our technicians will evaluate the internal components of your furnace to check for a long list of potential issues, including cracked heat exchangers, malfunctioning ignitors, and a dirty interior cabinet. Whether your air filter needs to be replaced or your entire unit needs an upgrade, we can help. Since we are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we keep many common products in stock and available for our technicians to use.

When you call Williams, you can count on fast, accurate repairs that will stand the test of time. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Furnace Replacement in Greenwood, IN

Furnaces are designed to stand the test of time, but that doesn’t mean they will last forever. Furnaces can develop significant problems that require a replacement, or struggle with efficiency, which can burn through extra energy. While repairs can prop up a failing system for a time, replacement is a better solution for older furnaces, and Williams Comfort Air is here to help.

Here at Williams, we are proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Carrier is a company that is completely committed to making high-quality products, and they offer a range of different heating solutions, including gas furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. It can be hard to choose the right furnace for your home, but our Comfort Consultants are here to answer any questions you may have. We can help you to calculate things like heat load and estimated ongoing energy costs, so you can find the right fit for your place.

Our NATE-certified HVAC contractors receive factory-direct training to install new furnaces and can even haul away your old system for recycling or proper disposal. We offer convenient financing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so a more comfortable home is well within reach.

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Plumbing Repair in Greenwood, IN

Plumbing problems are some of the most inconvenient issues you can deal with as a homeowner in Greenwood, IN. Whether you are faced with a clogged sink or a toilet that seems to be leaking, it can be tricky to know how to handle the issue, since water can damage your home quickly. Sometimes, plumbing issues pop up during renovations, especially if you are planning on moving things like vanities, sinks, or showers. Regardless of which kinds of plumbing problems you find yourself with, our licensed Indiana plumbers here at Williams Comfort Air can handle it all.

Broken water fixtures, poor water pressure, and leaky lines don’t stand a chance in the battle between rogue plumbing and our expert technicians. Our team is available 24/7/365 to address plumbing problems, and when they arrive, they start by resolving the most urgent issues first. They can shut off your main water line to prevent ongoing flooding or cut the flow right at the source. After they know where the issues lie, they will take the time to explain the problem to you and ask you what you would like to do to move forward.

We offer comprehensive plumbing repairs that you can count on. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer the service you need to prevent water waste and indoor flooding. Our team stays up to date on all of the latest new plumbing technologies and changes to building code, and many repairs can be taken care of right away for an affordable price. We also offer financing.

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Water Heater Replacement in Greenwood, IN

Water heaters are one of the most heavily used appliances in your home, which is why they typically consume around 20% of a family’s annual energy budget. From providing piping hot water for washing dishes to making comfortable bubble baths possible, hot water paves the way for all kinds of activities around your house. When they reach the end of their lifespan, your hot water supply may dwindle slowly or evaporate altogether, leaving you in a lurch. In some instances, water heaters may even spring a leak and create indoor flooding.

To avoid these types of issues, Williams Comfort Air recommends having your water heaters inspected and maintained routinely. Be mindful of the age of your water heater. Traditional tank water heaters last between 10-12 years, and on-demand systems can last for 20 years or longer. However, if maintenance hasn’t been performed on your system, water heaters can die much earlier. Whether your water heater is due for a replacement or you have noticed recent problems, our team of licensed, bonded, and insured Indiana plumbers are here and ready to help you out.

It can be hard to choose the right water heater for your home, so our Comfort Consultants can talk with you about your household size, personal preferences, and previous system. When you find a water heater that checks all of your personal boxes, our plumbers can come out, install your new system, uninstall your old model, and haul it away for you for recycling or disposal. We can even help homeowners with electricity to natural gas conversions, just in case you want to save even more money.

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Sump Pump Replacement in Greenwood, IN

Is there anything standing between your Greenwood, IN home and the next ground flood? Sometimes, homeowners assume they will have plenty of warning when the floodwaters rise, but that isn’t always the case, especially if the flooding stems from inside your home. Plumbing problems or damaged foundations can lead to indoor water leaks, and you may not even notice there is an issue until it’s too late.

Sump pumps act as a continuous monitor for standing water. With a water collection sump pit and a powerful pump that will move water out of the pit as soon as it collects, these appliances can help you to keep your basement or crawlspace clean and dry. Here at Williams Comfort Air, we recommend sump pumps for any low-lying room of your home. If you have a sump pump, it’s important to have your system inspected, tested, and repaired routinely to ensure that the device is ready to kick on during an emergency.

Whether you are ready for a sump pump inspection or you know you need a new unit, our team can help. Our Williams Comfort Air plumbers are all licensed, bonded, insured, and trained employees of our company. Our team can fix your existing system, replace it with a new model, or install a secondary, battery powered backup unit that will work during power outages. We want to help you to sleep a little easier at night, even when the rain is pouring this spring.

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