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Even the handiest of Shelbyville, IN homeowners sometimes have need for a professional’s help when it comes to heating, air conditioning, and plumbing predicaments. While some furnace and air conditioner performance flaws are easily cleared up with a know-how of HVAC system troubleshooting and plumbing leaks tightened with a little bit of elbow grease, more complex issues require the knowledge and skill of a trained professional. When it comes to your home’s essential comfort and plumbing systems, don’t take risks – turn to the qualified HVAC and plumbing professionals of Williams Comfort Air.

If you live in Shelbyville, IN or own a home in the nearby areas, Williams Comfort Air is your trusted heating, cooling, and plumbing service provider. Our NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians perform repairs and replacement for furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC equipment. Our licensed Indiana plumbers make plumbing repairs to pipes and fixtures as well as complete water heater and sump pump replacements. No matter the issue you face, trust our team to examine your system, identify flaws, and address malfunctions with honest solutions.

Turn to Williams Comfort Air for professional assistance with the following in your Shelbyville, IN home:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Shelbyville, IN

The Central Indiana summer climate brings new surprises each year. In some Shelbyville, IN homes, the air conditioner may have some surprises as well, such as a lack of cooling, loud noises while the system cycles, or even failure to turn on at all. When defects are present in an air conditioner’s operation, the system consumes more energy and often struggles to meet cooling demand despite using excess electricity. Continued operation under these conditions causes stress to components which leads to further damage.

Call Williams Comfort Air when you notice the first symptom of air conditioner performance issues, whether it’s not enough cooling, short cooling cycles, or a suspiciously high summer electric bill. Our NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians complete a thorough inspection of your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini split air conditioner to find the root of the symptoms creating discomfort in your Shelbyville, IN home. Years of continued education and hands-on training give our technicians the knowledge they need to determine the right course of action to correct all sorts of air conditioner problems, once and for all, for all brands and types of cooling systems. Feel free to ask questions, as we want you to feel completely comfortable with the solutions we suggest before we get started. In most cases, repairs can be made during the same visit because our technicians arrive to each appointment in service vehicles stocked with common replacement parts and tools.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

While air conditioning repairs are possible in many cases, they may not always be an option nor be the best option under some circumstances. Once your air conditioner reaches a certain age, its performance declines, energy efficiency drops, and repairs are needed more often – these changes are signs that tell you it’s time to consider air conditioning replacement. Even if your air conditioner isn’t so old, it may be a better choice to replace the unit if the needed repairs are more than half the cost of a new air conditioner – many Shelbyville, IN homeowners prefer to use that money to invest in a new air conditioner rather than to patch up a problematic one.

If air conditioning replacement is on the horizon, it’s time to call Williams Comfort Air. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Williams Comfort Air provides the latest air conditioners and heat pumps manufactured by the cooling industry’s leading brand. Our technicians receive factory direct training for each model we offer so you can feel confident that your new air conditioner is installed correctly, which protects the system’s integrity and energy efficiency. Work with our Comfort Consultants to check out the available options and find the perfect new air conditioner for your Shelbyville, IN home.

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Furnace Repair in Shelbyville, IN

Wintertime in Central Indiana means chilly temperatures, sub-zero windchills, and lots of snow and ice. A working furnace isn’t a luxury or convenience – it’s a necessity, for comfort as well as safety. When your furnace fails to heat your home properly, your family’s safety could be compromised. For repairs to gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and geothermal heating systems, contact Williams Comfort Air.

Williams Comfort Air performs heating repair on all types of heating equipment including furnaces, boilers, air source heat pumps, and geothermal heat pumps. Our NATE-certified technicians do a careful exam of your furnace and all of its components – our meticulous diagnostic process leaves no stone unturned to ensure the origin of your heating troubles is found and the appropriate repair work is executed. We encourage you to ask questions and our technicians are happy to provide the clarification you need to better understand the problem and recommended solution.

Once you approve of the proposed repair solution, your technician performs the repairs needed to restore correct operation and good performance. All technicians travel with the parts and tools needed to complete numerous common furnace repairs during the first visit – we take care of business as quickly as possible to avoid added inconvenience and disruption for you. Emergency furnace repair service is available after hours, on weekends, and on holidays so you never have to go without heat when a furnace problem turns your home cold!

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Furnace Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

As furnaces age, the wear sustained over the years really takes a toll on your heating system. Stressed components degrade and malfunction, forcing the system to work harder to provide the heat you need, which also causes increased energy use and waste. At this point, breakdowns and furnace repairs may be more common as well as more severe in nature. Eventually, the final breakdown will occur and the system will have to be replaced – but even before you reach that point, it may be a smarter financial move to invest in furnace replacement rather than paying to repeatedly patch up a system that inevitably must be replaced.

Williams Comfort Air is your trusted contractor for furnace replacement in Shelbyville, IN. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with the entire line of top-notch Carrier furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers available for installation in your home. Our Comfort Consultants perform the necessary calculations to correctly size your new furnace and help you evaluate the available features to decide which model is best for your family and budget. Financing programs are available to help you access the funds to purchase a new furnace now and pay it off over time. We work hard to keep your home warm and safe, so let us help you replace that failing furnace with a new heater you can rely on for many years to come!

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Plumbing Repair in Shelbyville, IN

The plumbing system is an integral part of the home, bringing in fresh water and expelling waste. When all plumbing components are in good shape and working as they should, there really isn’t much to worry about. However, when parts of the plumbing system start to experience wear, sustain damage, or suffer other issues, the whole plumbing system across your entire home could be affected. If you’re lucky, the plumbing problems are easy to spot – some serious plumbing problems, like leaks, are well-concealed behind walls or even underneath the slab foundation.

It doesn’t matter what type of plumbing issue you experience, the licensed Indiana plumbers of Williams Comfort Air can solve it. Our plumbers perform leak detection services to find the location of hidden leaks causing water damage and poor water pressure, or find the spot where a deep clog sits in your sewer line causing backup into drains throughout the home. For leaky faucet handles and running toilets, to pipe bursts and flooding, turn to Williams Comfort Air. Our plumbers are on call at all hours of the day and night and there is never a day you can’t reach one of our plumbing professionals when you need us. We are always available for emergency plumbing repair services to protect your home and help you avoid water damage when leaks and other issues compromise your residence.

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Water Heater Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

Shelbyville, IN homeowners need reliable working water heaters to make many daily tasks possible, including cleaning the home, doing laundry, and personal bathing and hygiene. Water heater failures can disrupt these routines, making them quite uncomfortable to pretty much impossible! A lack of hot water can point to a few different causes, some of which can be corrected through replacement components and repairs. In other cases, our plumbers recommend water heater replacement when repairs just aren’t possible.

Water heater replacement from Williams Comfort Air provides new tank and tankless water heaters for all your household’s hot water needs! When you replace failing water heating equipment, you can feel confident your family will have access to a suitable hot water supply when needed. New water heaters offer improved energy efficiency versus older models – consider a high efficiency tank water heater or convert to a tankless water heater to maximize your energy savings for the next decade or two! Our licensed Indiana plumbers can make the switch from electric to gas water heating in your home, so you can take advantage of more efficient fuel sources that help keep your energy budget in check.

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Sump Pump Replacement in Shelbyville, IN

Shelbyville, IN homes sit atop all sorts of foundations, such as slabs, crawlspaces, and basements. While a slab foundation sits at ground level, crawlspaces and basements are located underground. Their position below ground level makes these areas of the home susceptible to groundwater infiltration and subsequent flooding. Without the right equipment to stop water accumulation below ground, everything is at risk of water damage, including finishes and flooring installed in finished basements as well as personal belongings stored in this area of the home.

Sump pumps are appliances that are used to remove water from the basement or crawlspace and mitigate the likelihood of a belowground flood. Every home with a basement or crawlspace should have one installed, and they need to be replaced about every decade or so. By removing water that seeps through foundation walls, the area is kept dry, belongings and the home are protected, and you avoid potential moisture and mold issues that form due to water in the basement or crawlspace. Make sure your home has the protection it needs and schedule sump pump replacement from Williams Comfort Air.

While you’re at it, consider a battery backup sump pump. These separate devices use a dedicated battery power source to operate even when your utility power is out. A second line of defense can save your basement should a heavy storm knock out power to your primary sump pump.

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