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Every Zionsville, IN home needs a heating and cooling system that is capable of keeping the family comfortable no matter what the conditions are like outside. Plumbing systems must be in good shape and leak-free to prevent water damage and keep the household supplied with plenty of fresh water. Each of these systems requires some basic maintenance to preserve their performance, but even with proper care, malfunctions can and do still occur. In the event your heating, cooling, or plumbing system suffers a malfunction or stops working altogether, you need to know who to call for trusted help.

Williams Comfort Air proudly serves homeowners throughout the community of Zionsville, IN when plumbing, heating, and cooling problems arise. Our team consists of NATE-certified heating and cooling repair and replacement technicians as well as licensed Indiana plumbers, so you can feel confident your home receives the professional attention you demand. Broken furnaces, burst pipes, refrigerant leaks, clogged drains, and more are easily and quickly solved by our team of knowledgeable technicians to help you regain comfort inside your home without delay.

Zionsville, IN homeowners in need of the following services, call Williams Comfort Air:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Zionsville, IN

Your Zionsville, IN home will become unbearable quickly without a working air conditioner in the summer months. But just because an air conditioner runs doesn’t mean it is working as it is supposed to – malfunctions can be present without causing the air conditioner to fail to turn on, which often leads to a problem growing in magnitude due to continuous operation with the unknown issue present. Be on the lookout for symptoms you can feel that share something isn’t right with your air conditioner, such as hot and cold spots in different areas of the house, longer cooling cycles that don’t cool the home enough, and other signs of poor temperature control.

Williams Comfort Air performs air conditioning repairs on all brands and models of air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini split air conditioners. Our NATE-certified air conditioner repair technicians take the time to examine all components within the indoor and outdoor system components so you can feel confident we’ve found the true source of the discomfort you feel. There isn’t always only one way to fix something, so we explain the various options that may be possible to repair the issue and get your approval before we begin our repair work.

Air conditioner malfunctions are already hassle enough, and the need for multiple visits before the system is repaired just makes things worse! At Williams Comfort Air, we don’t want to add inconvenience to the discomfort caused by your broken air conditioner. We do our best to make all repairs in as few trips as possible so you don’t have to interrupt another day unless absolutely necessary. Our technicians travel in stocked service vehicles with common parts and specialized tools that make certain repairs possible in just one appointment!

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Zionsville, IN

Air conditioners and heat pumps decline in performance and energy efficiency as the years pass, meaning your older cooling system isn’t working as efficiently as it did long ago, nor is it delivering the same cooling performance as before. The best solution to end energy waste and poor cooling performance is air conditioning replacement.

Upgrade your air conditioner or heat pump with a new air conditioning replacement from Williams Comfort Air. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer who provides a wide selection of new Carrier cooling systems to choose from. Our Comfort Consultants are experts on our air conditioner product line and are happy to provide you with more information regarding the performance and features of each model we offer. Before you choose a new air conditioner, we make sure to do the necessary calculations that tell us the proper sizing for your new system – the last thing you want to do is get stuck with an undersized or oversized air conditioner and waste your money. We install new air conditioners following all specifications so that your new unit delivers the performance and efficiency ratings you selected it for. Once you feel totally satisfied with your new air conditioner, our job is complete!

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Furnace Repair in Zionsville, IN

Zionsville, IN homeowners gain warmth and safety as furnaces and heating systems run throughout the winter months. When these systems have trouble meeting a family’s heating demand, comfort levels in the home fall and the home just isn’t as warm. When furnaces fail to start up altogether, discomfort can quickly turn into a safety issue if the home becomes too cold. If it’s freezing outdoors, you just can’t wait for furnace repairs!

Call Williams Comfort Air for furnace repair in Zionsville, IN. Our NATE-certified furnace repair technicians repair all types of heating equipment including gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, geothermal heating systems, and more. Our comprehensive diagnostic review allows for the identification of any performance flaw affecting your heating system. Once we have located to problem, we take the time to explain the solutions and how the problem will be repaired. You’re always in control and must sign off in approval before we begin any furnace repairs.

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Furnace Replacement in Zionsville, IN

After several years of use, your furnace won’t operate at the same level it did when it was new. While regular maintenance tune ups help sustain heating performance through the years, it is inevitable that some energy efficiency will be lost due to wear and tear. If your Zionsville, IN home isn’t staying as comfortable as it used to in the winter, it may be that the only solution that completely corrects the problem is furnace replacement.

When investing in furnace replacement, choose a qualified heating installation contractor to protect your equipment and ensure its performance. Williams Comfort Air in a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer installing new Carrier furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers for homeowners. Our Comfort Consultants are the authority on our product line and are ready to review equipment options with you, sharing the perks of their many user-friendly features. Calculations are completed so that your new furnace is the appropriate size for your home – a furnace that is too large or too small has performance issues that consume excess energy while failing to balance temperatures and keep the home comfortable. Our installation technicians ensure a careful installation process, making sure all specifications are met so that your new furnace is able to deliver the level of comfort as well as energy efficiency you chose it for. Your total satisfaction is our top priority and we make sure you are completely happy with your new system purchase as well as its installation before we mark the project complete!

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Plumbing Repair in Zionsville, IN

A Zionsville, IN home’s plumbing system in used around the clock. At any given time across the home, there are family members using faucets, flushing drains, washing, drinking, cleaning, and more. Fresh water is a necessity and good drainage is the other side of the coin – both sides of the plumbing system need to operate without hindrance so you can enjoy water use in the home.

Protecting your home from plumbing malfunctions is an important priority, as water leaks can be seriously damaging. Hidden leaks, deep drain clogs, broken fixtures, and other issues can cause damage to plumbing components and allow water to escape and pool in areas of the home if they are not fixed right away. Williams Comfort Air offers quick plumbing services in Zionsville, IN to protect your plumbing and your home as we get to the bottom of issues right away.

When frozen pipes burst or water heater tanks leak, you don’t have a minute to waste when it comes to mitigating water damage. You need urgent help, so call Williams Comfort Air! We offer emergency plumbing repair services to correct plumbing problems and remedy damage when you need help the most. Our technicians are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year and will answer the phone whenever you call.

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Water Heater Replacement in Zionsville, IN

The average family of four in Zionsville, IN uses anywhere from 28 to 56 gallons of heated water every day for bathing, cleaning, and other needs. A home’s water heater needs to be able to efficiently meet this demand without delays or disruptions. If you have noticed your water heater’s output has declined over the past months or year, this is a top sign that it’s time to replace your water heater. In this situation, repairs are unlikely to provide a permanent fix for the problem.

Williams Comfort Air’s licensed Indiana plumbers perform water heater replacement for tank water heaters as well as tankless water heaters. Select a new water heater of the same type that is currently installed for a like replacement, or trade that old tank model water heater for a new tankless model to save energy and space on equipment installation. Older tank model water heaters can be replaced with high efficiency tank water heaters for increased energy savings. Our plumbers are also able to set you up for gas water heating if you’d like to switch over from electric for a more affordable fuel source.

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Sump Pump Replacement in Zionsville, IN

Is your Zionsville, IN home on top of a crawlspace foundation or basement? If so, did you know that this area below your living space may be vulnerable to flooding? Groundwater can easily infiltrate these spaces and seep through the foundation, pooling in low lying areas of the basement or crawlspace. If there is no means to remove the water, it’ll pool up and stay there. If only a small amount of water infiltrates, you can be left with puddles of stagnant water that cause odors and other issues. If large volumes of groundwater continue to make their way into the basement or crawlspace, flooding will result, which can also cause mold and humidity issues below your home.

Sump pumps are used to remove water from basements and crawlspaces, routing water out and away from the home’s foundation. The equipment should be replaced every decade or so to make sure the home is protected with a functioning sump pump when the need arises. Battery backup sump pumps give homeowners a second line of defense, just in case of a power outage or damage to the primary sump pump. A battery source allows this pump to run even during an outage, when the primary pump is offline because it is powered by the home’s electrical service. This way, there is always a pump available to keep the area as dry as possible.

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