Water Leak & Freeze Detector in Indianapolis

Water Leak and Freeze Detectors for Homes in the Indianapolis Area

Fire might be a homeowner’s greatest fear, but any insurance company will tell you that water is the far more common cause of property damage – even if you don’t live in an area subject to flooding. Water leaks come from many sources: A failing water heater, frozen pipes that burst, a broken supply line under your sink, a clogged toilet, or even a split hose connected to your washing machine. Most of the time, you’re not even expecting it.

By catching any leak and freeze early, you have a better chance to avoid expensive repairs and loss of personal items caused by water damage – a water leak and freeze detector system is the smart solution for protection and peace of mind.

Just as a smoke detector in each of your home’s bedrooms and common areas is essential, it is wise to install leak detectors in places where water damage is most likely to begin. These detectors are installed near trouble spots like sump pumps, water heaters, washers, and sinks.

Each water leak detector has the ability to be individually named and registered in an app connected to your smart mobile device. If a leak is detected or a pipe begins to freeze, the app on your device alerts you – no matter where you are. Set up is simple and easy – The Home app offers step-by-step instructions for connecting and setting up the Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector.

Williams Comfort Air helps Indianapolis area residents protect their homes and families with leak detection solutions that offer fast alert and action when a leak is detected. Contact us to schedule an appointment to meet with our consultants about a water leak and freeze detector system for your home.

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What Are Water Leak and Freeze Detectors?

A water leak detector informs the homeowner of a leak or a frozen pipe before the water leak becomes a flood, or the pipe bursts. Since the device is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, you are notified via smartphone and the accompanying app wherever you are. With fast, real time alerts, you have the power to take action before a water leak or freeze gets out of hand.  Professional monitoring for leak detection also helps homeowners actively prevent devastating water leaks and water damage.

The leak detector is battery-operated, with the battery life lasting around two years. There is no need for a hub or base station that connects the device to the home network, so everything is nice and simple. Installing a water leak detector means the chances of you coming home to a water-filled home are significantly reduced.

How Do Water Leak and Freeze Detectors Work?

A water leak detector identifies the presence of water, often by use of a water sensing cable that measures the electrical conductivity of the water present and completes a circuit to send a signal. For installations that are not monitored by a professional alarm monitoring company, the sensors and control module send out a smartphone notification to the homeowner whenever a leak is detected. Your smartphone is command central, allowing anytime access to leak detection.

Via the leak and freeze detector app, receive alerts and turn your water on or off from anywhere in the world (assuming you’re connected). View your home’s water consumption while you’re away to sense problems ahead of your return, or even contact your plumber to have them fix the problem. Even if you don’t have your phone with you, some water leak detection systems are smart enough to automatically shut the water off for you if something catastrophic is happening.

Installing Water Leak and Freeze Detector Sensors

Indianapolis homeowners depend on leak detector systems for accuracy, and accuracy depends on proper installation of all sensors and other components of your leak and freeze detector. Sensors with a water sensing cable should be placed in any high-risk area of the home where large volumes of water could empty into the home over just a short amount of time. When setting up your home water detector system, carefully consider installing sensors and additional cables in these locations:

1. Basement

If your home has a basement, a sensor to detect water should absolutely be installed in this location. Nearly all basements experience water damage at some point in time, as these underground, low areas of the home are vulnerable to flooding. With temperature and humidity issues, any water in a basement can quickly lead to mold – it’s important you have the opportunity to act fast if you want to mitigate the situation and stop a long-term issue from developing.

2. Bathroom

A clogged toilet can overflow in an instant, sending gallons of water across the floor. Damaged plumbing fixtures, loose pipes – a number of things can go wrong in this room of the home, so install a leak detector sensing cable.

3. Utility Room

Whether it’s in a utility room, basement, garage, or elsewhere, you need to install a sensing cable near your water heater’s location. Leaks are a risk especially amongst older tank style water heaters, which can be seriously corroded and rust out. Due to the large volume of water held in these tanks, a leak is likely devastating if unaddressed for long.

4. Laundry Room

Washing machine hoses and even an aging machine pose leak risks in a home. It’s wise to install a detector below the appliance to quickly catch any leaks that arise.

5. Sump Pump

If your basement or crawlspace has a sump pump and pit, you should install a detector at the top of the sump basin. Using a water leak detector in this manner provides an alert in a situation where the basin is near overflowing – a broken sump pump could be the cause of severe flooding otherwise.

6. HVAC Unit

Air conditioners and even new high efficiency condensing furnaces create condensation during operation, which should safely drain out of the equipment and away from the home. Clogs can occur in their drain lines, which cause moisture to back up and spill out onto the floor. A leak detector helps homeowners identify this problem right away and make repairs quick to avoid damage to these critical home systems.

Should You Buy a Water Leak and Freeze Detector System?

Prevention is the best way to avoid freeze and water damage to your home. Water leak detection systems will identify and stop leaks before they cause major water damage. These systems also give you full transparency as to what’s happening in your house when it comes to water usage. Water leak detectors are designed to identify leaks and protect homeowners from experiencing catastrophes. If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to preventing water leaks or freeze problems, then we recommend purchasing a water leak and freeze detector system.

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