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Media Air Cleaner to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

While air quality throughout the Indianapolis area is cleaner than in many other areas of the country, homeowners need to know that indoor air quality is a different story. The air inside your whole house is typically much more polluted, with higher concentrations of particles including dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, as well as other common allergens. The average Indianapolis family spends a great deal of time inside the home. When indoor air is of poor quality, household members are more likely to experience the negative side effects of exposure to air quality pollution.

Many mistakenly believe that their heating and cooling system’s air filter will keep the whole home clean, but the furnace filter of the home’s HVAC system isn’t designed to remove all the particles from the indoor air supply. Professionally installed high-efficiency media air cleaners work with the home air conditioning and furnace systems to make sure your family is protected from pollutant particles lurking within indoor air. By working with the HVAC system, a media air cleaner extracts allergens from whole house air, not just one small area, like portable air cleaner products.

Williams Comfort Air’s Comfort Consultants help Indianapolis homeowners create cleaner, healthier homes through product selection and installation of house media air cleaning systems. Using powerful air filters with high MERV ratings, a new whole-house air cleaner drastically improves indoor air quality for the health and comfort of your family. Learn more about our air quality products and find out if a media air filtration system is right for your homerequest a consultation today!

What Is a Media Air Cleaner?

A media air cleaner is a type of air quality product that works with the home’s forced air heating and cooling system to filter out contaminant particles from the indoor air throughout all living areas. Media air cleaners are professionally installed to work with the HVAC system in addition to the existing furnace filter, not as a replacement. Sometimes these products are also called air purifiers, but a media air cleaner is a specific type of air purifier that uses filter media to capture particles and remove them from home air.

While the primary function of the furnace filter is to remove particles for the protection of your home HVAC units, the role of the air cleaner is to filter out contaminants for better indoor air quality. You’ll see the filters that are used with air cleaners are thicker and have a higher efficiency MERV rating than the filters typically used with your forced air furnace or air conditioning unit. Some whole-house air purifier products also incorporate electronic air cleaning methods which use an electric charge to attract and trap contaminants within the filter media.

Another important difference – the filter type you use in an air cleaner lasts about 4 times as long as the average one-inch filter you use in an HVAC system. You don’t have to make sure to check and change this filter every month throughout the year! HVAC filter products typically require that you make sure to change them every three months, sometimes more often for low-efficiency filters like those rated MERV 1 to 4. When you want the best whole-house air filter, add a media air cleaner to clean indoor air throughout your whole home.

How Does a Whole Home Media Air Cleaner Improve Indoor Air Quality?

As the forced air furnace or air conditioner units cycle air through for heating and cooling, air passes through the house media air cleaner, which uses a powerful air filter with a high MERV rating to capture particulates suspended in the air. MERV 11 filters and higher are common for use as air cleaner media, though some products use a HEPA filter. The fine filter media is able to trap smaller pollutant particles in higher capacities to best eliminate contaminants like:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Smoke

The entirety of a home’s indoor air circulates through the ducts of forced air HVAC units for heating and cooling, which also allows house media air products to clean the air across every square inch of your living areas. The electronic portable air cleaner systems available for purchase online and at home improvement retailers are only able to remove particles from a smaller area, providing cleaner air in just one room of the home.

How do you clean indoor air with a media air cleaner model when the HVAC isn’t in use? The heating or cooling system’s fan may be used independently of the air conditioner or heater in most equipment, so you don’t have to be heating or cooling your home to boost indoor air quality. Simply use the fan for short periods to filter out dust pollen and more.

Benefits of Installing Whole House Air Cleaners

Matter like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and more circulate throughout the home under your nose. These microscopic particles are common allergens that affect family members in different ways, increasing allergy symptoms and asthma attacks as well as causing health issues similar to those that come with a cold, like:

  • Itchy Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Congestion
  • Fatigue
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing

The use of a media air cleaner is valuable in any home, providing the benefit of better indoor air quality throughout all areas. Reduce bothersome health symptoms and keep allergies as well as asthma attacks under control for better health and comfort at home.

Home media air products are easy to maintain. Depending on the filter type of your model, you may only have to service it with a new filter once a year! Unlike electronic air cleaners, traditional media air cleaners don’t use electricity, so there is no added cost of use. By providing cleaner air for your home, the house media air model also benefits your furnace and cooling system, as fewer particles travel through equipment to settle inside and harm delicate components.

Ozone is a concern with many electronic air purifiers, causing homeowners to seek out a safer solution for cleaner air. Rest assured that media air cleaners produce no ozone and pose no risk to your family while delivering powerful filtration throughout the home’s whole living area.

Whole Home Air Cleaning from Williams Comfort Air

Williams Comfort Air helps Indianapolis homeowners find the best whole-house filter products and air cleaner systems for the right price. Every model offers different features, so work with our Comfort Consultants to best learn your options. During your consultation, we’ll talk about your home’s air quality as a whole to determine which products deliver the solutions you need.

Honeywell Media Air Cleaner

The Honeywell Home Media Air Cleaner model F100F2025/U uses high-efficiency filter media with a MERV rating of MERV 11 to trap microscopic particles and prevent them from recirculating back into your home. Reduce concentrations of mold spores, dust, pet dander, pollen, and more for better indoor air quality throughout the year!

For cleaner indoor air without the hassle or ongoing cost, this Honeywell model is an excellent choice. The four-inch disposable filter can last up to 12 months, delivering great value for the price you pay. Use of this model will not increase your home’s electricity consumption or raise the price of your monthly utility bills as a portable electronic model does – in fact, a better filter can improve HVAC efficiency, which may reduce the price of heating and cooling at home! The F100F2025/U model is ENERGY STAR certified.

The Honeywell model F100F2025/U air cleaner is compatible with many different furnace and air conditioner products. Use this model alongside your gas, electronic, or oil furnace and forced air heat pump or air conditioner. The leading product designers at Honeywell have redesigned this model with tighter corners and door, which enhances airflow through the HVAC system and home.

Professional Installation

Ensure your new air cleaner model is able to deliver the results you expect – choose professional installation whenever you purchase a new indoor air quality product. The installation technicians of Williams Comfort Air are NATE-certified and receive ongoing training to make sure they are fully capable of performing a thorough install for your Honeywell air cleaner model. We put our knowledge and skill to work for you in order to make sure you receive all the critical benefits your media air unit should provide.

Your total satisfaction is our top priority. When you purchase a new Honeywell media air model from Williams Comfort Air, you’ll learn just how far we go to gain your trust and deliver a pleasant customer service experience. No job is considered complete until you are 100% satisfied with our work – it’s our guarantee!

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