Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Air Conditioner Brand for Your Indianapolis Home

When it’s time to buy a new air conditioner for your Indianapolis home, there are many options on the market. How do you know which air conditioner brand is the best choice?

The HVAC industry is home to numerous brands that are well-known and used throughout the country as well as the world. Each air conditioner brand offers different equipment and features – it’s best to find an air conditioner brand that offers what you are looking for in terms of system performance and user-friendly features.

Williams Comfort Air shares the basics of our industry’s leading air conditioner brands to help Indianapolis homeowners become more familiar with their cooling equipment options. When it’s time to buy and install a new air conditioner at home, turn to our NATE-certified cooling pros to ensure you get the right equipment with the best installation available!

More About Each Top Air Conditioner Brand

Even if this is your first time purchasing a new cooling system, you likely have some familiarity with at least one or two of the top air conditioner brands. An air conditioner brand such as Carrier or Trane has excellent brand recognition, and you’ve probably heard of them before. In addition to these well-known cooling system brands, there are other equipment manufacturers that offer residential air conditioners for use in your Indianapolis home.

Learn more about leading HVAC brands so you are able to make an informed purchase decision regarding the best air conditioner brand for your home.

Carrier Air Conditioners

The Carrier air conditioner brand is one of the most well-known in the HVAC industry, with roots dating back to the beginning of modern air conditioning! Company founder Willis Carrier is known as the father of modern air conditioning, as the inventor of the first system that controlled humidity. His invention created a foundation for the cooling systems we enjoy at home today.

Carrier air conditioners are used around the globe, in homes as well as in a number of different industries. Residential air conditioners manufactured by Carrier deliver consistent indoor environments to millions of users. Through their Infinity, Performance, and Comfort Series air conditioners, homeowners in Indianapolis have multiple options to select from.

While the delivery of consistent indoor temperatures is the main goal of a cooling system, the Carrier air conditioner brand offers cooling equipment packed with advanced technology that delivers many other desirable benefits. Carrier air conditioners offer high energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and low operating noise to minimize disruptions in the home while the cooling system operates.

Trane Air Conditioners

The Trane air conditioner brand has been in business for over 100 years, providing high-quality cooling equipment for homes and commercial use. This air conditioner brand is committed to manufacturing cooling systems to the highest standards, building their own compressors, and incorporating new technologies to help users make the most out of their cooling systems.

Trane offers a great range of products for use in the home, in varying sizes and energy efficiency levels. Trane is known for their excellent warranty coverage, which is one of the most comprehensive available in the industry.

Goodman Air Conditioners

The Goodman air conditioner brand is a member of Daikin Industries, Ltd., a global leader in residential and commercial heating and cooling. The company was first founded in the 1970s by a Texas air conditioning contractor. The company is well-known for their production of quality, affordable heating and cooling equipment.

Goodman is committed to producing high value for their customers through the engineering of long-lasting systems that feature quality components. Goodman air conditioners are covered by generous limited warranties for added consumer protection.

Rheem Air Conditioners

The Rheem air conditioner brand was founded in 1925 in California and has operated for nearly 100 years as the world’s only manufacturer of heating, cooling, water heating, spa and pool heating, and commercial refrigeration products.

Rheem is committed to sustainability and produces air conditioners that feature leading technology to limit waste while delivering superior comfort. Their Prestige and Classic Series air conditioners offer a number of options for homeowners who seek value and top cooling performance.

York Air Conditioners

The York air conditioner brand has been in business for more than 100 years. Their home comfort systems are designed, engineered, and made in the United States. York has been an industry leader responsible for developing numerous innovations in the heating and cooling industry.

The York air conditioner brand offers several options for cooling comfort in the home. Their Affinity and LX series air conditioners deliver excellent energy efficiency and a number of user-friendly features to enhance home comfort.

Work with a Factory Authorized Installer of Your Chosen Air Conditioner Brand

When you select an air conditioner brand for use in your home, choose a certified installer for installation and purchase. Each air conditioner brand offers their own program, such as factory-authorized dealers, comfort specialists, or otherwise.

An air conditioning contractor’s participation in such a program through your preferred air conditioner brand is a big benefit to homeowners. Each air conditioner brand sets high standards for companies who wish to earn and keep this designation.

What Is Involved in These Air Conditioner Brand Programs?

A member of an air conditioner brand’s distinctive program typically undergoes direct training with the brand regarding their products. Technicians and sales teams learn the ins and outs of all cooling systems in the brand’s product line and become extremely knowledgeable regarding their performance and features, which means they are able to best educate homeowners on how a product is able to meet their unique comfort needs.

These contractors gain detailed technical knowledge about products from an air conditioner brand that benefits a customer through accurate installation, repair, and maintenance. Genuine air conditioner brand components are used when repairs are needed, which protects equipment warranties while delivering restored performance and energy efficiency.

As the HVAC industry is always evolving, so is the technology featured in new air conditioning systems. An air conditioning brand continually incorporates new features and technology within their equipment, which means HVAC contractors require continuous education and training to uphold their designations. This training works to ensure the contractor is up to date regarding new systems and how to best match customers with the right equipment for their needs.

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Williams Comfort Air is a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. What does this mean for Indianapolis homeowners?

  • Only 5% of U.S. HVAC contractors who offer the Carrier air conditioner brand have earned the distinction of being a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. This means we have met and continue to uphold the brand’s rigorous standards for training, professionalism, and more.

  • Our team has undergone extensive training direct through the air conditioner brand regarding all technical aspects of their equipment. We know how it works, how to install it, and how to care for it over its years of service in your home.

  • We know these cooling systems like the backs of our hands – our extensive knowledge of the Carrier air conditioner brand and their superior products helps us help you find the system that offers the best performance, energy efficiency, and longevity for your family.

  • We hold EPA and NATE certifications as required by the air conditioner brand to ensure we not only are competent in installing and servicing these systems but are able to do so in a way that protects the environment when working with refrigerant.

  • Our business practices are sound, which leaves our customers with added peace of mind. We are on top of continuing education for our team, as well as maintaining the licenses and insurance required in our line of work.

  • We uphold the air conditioner brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your new Carrier air conditioner for any reason, we solve your issue or remove the system and refund its purchase price within one year of your installation date.

Not only is Williams Comfort Air a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are a Carrier President’s Award winner. We have earned this award through our commitment to excellence and by upholding an even more rigorous set of standards held by the Carrier air conditioner brand. Our customers are highly satisfied by both the products we offer and the service we deliver, thanks to our equipment expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The President’s Award is the highest honor a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer is able to earn. Our commitment to excellence in operation, growth, and management have helped us earn this prestigious distinction and uphold the high standards our air conditioner brand and our customers expect from our team.

Having trouble choosing the air conditioner brand that is best for your Indianapolis home? Williams Comfort Air is here to help you find the best Carrier air conditioner that meets your needs, budget, and desired features. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and ensure your new Carrier air conditioning system is installed to the brand’s high standards. Our team is extremely knowledgeable regarding the features and performance of each cooling system this air conditioner brand offers and will help you find the best fit for your family.

Learn more about Carrier, our preferred air conditioner brand, and find the right cooling system for your home – contact us today to learn more.

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