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Nominate a Family for a FREE HVAC System


Nominate a Family for a FREE HVAC System


Which AC Contractor Should You Choose?

It’s a safe bet that with the temperatures we’ve been having, nearly all Indianapolis homes with air conditioning have already fired up their systems. We rely on our AC systems a great deal during the hot, humid Central Indiana summer – an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor is your go-to for quick and reliable service, should you suffer from a system outage or wish to replace your air conditioner this summer.

For those with no experience hiring an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor, you may not know where to start – Indianapolis is home to many great HVAC companies! Choosing an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor is a personal decision for homeowners, and you want to establish a relationship with a trustworthy contractor who you feel confident calling upon again in the future if the need should arise.

Williams Comfort Air has some helpful suggestions to guide you as you choose an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor to improve comfort at your area home this summer. Whether you need a new AC system or repairs to your existing air conditioner, our licensed, NATE-certified air conditioning technicians are available around the clock to provide the quality, reliable service you need – contact us today!

Indianapolis Air Conditioning Contractor Recommendations

Maybe you’re new in town or a first-time homeowner who’s never had to call an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor – or maybe you’re just lucky and have never dealt with summer air conditioning problems. It doesn’t matter what your situation – you likely have a trusted resource to turn to for contractor recommendations, whether you realize it yet or not!

  • Family members: Many of us turn to family members for advice – if your family members are Indy area homeowners, they’re a great source to ask for a contractor recommendation! If you know Uncle John has a go-to company for everything around the home, give him a call and ask about his preferred AC contractor.

  • Friends: If you have friends in the area who own homes, ask if they have a trusted Indianapolis air conditioning contractor. Maybe your friend Frank works at an Indianapolis HVAC company, or maybe Lisa from your softball league just replaced her air conditioning system – ask your friends about their experiences and the work they’ve had completed by area AC companies.

  • Neighbors: Any Indianapolis air conditioning contractor who’s worked for your neighbors definitely serves your area. If you saw an HVAC truck down the street this spring, ask your neighbor about his or her experiences with that company.

These personal connections you trust for advice are unlikely to lead you astray. You trust them for honest opinions on other matters, and an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor recommendation is no different. If your friends, family members, or neighbors have received good service from an area HVAC company, they’ll be happy to share their experiences with you. Likewise, if the service wasn’t what they expected, you’ll hear an honest opinion about the experience so you are able to make an informed decision when you hire an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor.

Indianapolis Air Conditioning Contractor Organizations

In addition to personal recommendations, a recommendation from a local trade organization is another resource available in your search for an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor. A few local trade organizations that serve the cooling industry include:

  • Greater Indianapolis Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (GIPHCC): The GIPHCC is a local chapter of the Indiana PHCC, which is part of a national non-profit organization that serves cooling industry professionals, including contractors. Their focus is on educating trade professionals and protecting homeowners through the use of licensed HVAC contractors.

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA): ACCA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to establishing HVAC standards and assisting contractors through educational and business resources. Use the organization to find a member contractor who serves your area.

  • Indiana HVAC Association: The Indiana HVAC Association is a non-profit organization with contractor members who are committed to delivering technical expertise and quality customer service to homeowners throughout the state.

  • Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana (BBB): The BBB is an organization that connects consumers to trustworthy local businesses. They provide information about an Indianapolis air conditioning contractor as well as handle dispute resolution if needed.

Estimates Help You Choose an Indianapolis Air Conditioning Contractor

If you plan to replace or upgrade your existing cooling equipment, its recommended that you reach out to at least three qualified contractors for an estimate. A representative from the Indianapolis air conditioning contractor visits your home, speaks with you about your needs and available options, and evaluates your home to properly match you with the right equipment.

Each Indianapolis air conditioning contractor should leave you with a detailed estimate for the work he or she proposes. Be sure to ask questions to clarify anything on the estimate that you do not understand and to ensure you know exactly what the estimate includes. These details help you equally compare estimates between the different companies who have bid your project.

Of course, when you face a sudden air conditioning system failure, you don’t want to wait to interview several different companies. An Indianapolis air conditioning contractor typically charges a service call fee for repair work to cover the company’s time and diagnostic services – some contractors offer deals or coupons to waive or lower this fee for new or existing customers. Calling multiple companies can be time and cost prohibitive in this situation, so those recommendations from trusted sources and industry organizations are often a better resource to help you choose a contractor for emergency HVAC work.

It’s no secret that a new air conditioner is a pricey piece of equipment – but cost shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. Experience, knowledge, customer service, and other factors need to be considered to ensure you choose the contractor who is best able to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Indianapolis Air Conditioning Contractor Qualifications

The right Indianapolis air conditioning contractor is someone you are able to turn to for years to come when you have home comfort issues. Build a lasting, trusting relationship with your HVAC contractor when you look for a contractor who has the following:

  • Licenses: While the state of Indiana does not require a license for HVAC work, many cities and towns do – Indianapolis included. Trade organizations recommend you work with a licensed contractor whenever you need HVAC work at home.

  • Certifications: HVAC technicians are required to earn the 608 Technician Certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. This certification shows the technician is trained and knowledgeable in the safe and correct handling of refrigerant. NATE certification is a voluntary certification held by reputable Indianapolis air conditioning contractors which shows the technician’s specialized knowledge and training of HVAC systems, best practices, and more. Continuing education is required to uphold this certification.

  • Insurance: Reputable HVAC contractors carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect both their customers and employees on any job site. This insurance protects you from liability should damage to your home occur during your HVAC work or if someone is hurt on your property.

  • Additional Services: You never know when your heating or cooling system is going to give out. It’s helpful to work with a contractor who offers 24/7 or emergency repair service – you are able to call your contractor for help when you need, and not be left without your comfort systems overnight, on weekends, or during holidays.

  • Warranty: HVAC equipment manufacturers offer warranties that cover new system components for a period of time. Warranty terms may also be available for replacement components used to make a repair. Your Indianapolis air conditioning contractor may offer a labor warranty that covers installation or repair work or a general satisfaction guarantee that lets you know they work to correct any issues that occur with their work.

  • Customer Service: When you need HVAC help, you need assurance that your concerns are heard and will be addressed right away. Evaluate your communications with each member of the company that you have come in contact with. Is the phone always answered? Are messages and online requests promptly addressed? Was your appointment scheduled within an acceptable time frame or were you stuck waiting weeks for assistance?

  • Professionalism: An Indianapolis air conditioning contractor is someone you are trusting to work in your home, and you need to feel comfortable with his or her presence. Does your technician drive a branded work vehicle and wear a uniform? Does he or she wear protective shoe coverings to protect your flooring? Is the work area kept organized during the job and cleaned up once work is completed?

Williams Comfort Air: Your Indianapolis Air Conditioning Contractor

For more than seven decades, the Williams Comfort Air family has served the cooling needs of Indianapolis area home and business owners. From planned AC system upgrades to emergency cooling repairs in the heat of summer, we are here to restore indoor comfort anytime. Our NATE-certified technicians find the solutions you need and get to work right away to save you discomfort and unnecessary energy costs. Contact us today for air conditioning help in Indianapolis!

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